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  Octwo  |  16

They park crooked because they're attempting to avoid getting door dings and dents from bad drivers in the parking lot. They should just park farther away but I can understand why you'd want to avoid damage to a panel that could cost a huge sum of money to replace. Doing that in an assigned parking situation is still a huge dick move though.

  REALAfroninga  |  11

Guys, I work at a supermarket. I got hit, and the driver just decided that he/she wasn't mature enough to face the consequences of their actions and left. Mind you, a rear bumper is not easy to replace. Now; say they hit the rear fenders. You can't just pop those off. All the sudden, you've got a massive bodywork bill, or rust forming. Rust is car cancer. It spreads and makes the vehicle unsafe. And repairs on an sports car? Well, depending on the type, those parts might not be mass produced. Look, I love my car. It's my baby. So I get trying to park in a way that makes it difficult to get hit. I always take the spot at the top of the huge hill. Carts don't roll uphill, and it's a corner spot, with a very gradual curb, so I can get a good distance from the other spot.

  PenguinBitch  |  43

It's funny how most of you guys look down on those who park wrong, but consider it 'okay' to dent or scratch their car for payback. What a way to scoop down to their level.

By  equitationbound  |  22

I drive a pickup, and I know that truck drivers problem all too well! I'm sure they feel bad, I know I do when I take up two spaces, even if by a little bit.
Maybe try leaving a note on the sports car? It may not work, but it's worth a try.