By Anonymous - 20/07/2014 23:57 - United States - Lafayette

Today, I was finally given a parking spot at work. It turns out to be between an expensive sports car that never parks straight and a giant truck too big for its space. FML
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great! you can be that guy who always has half his car parked out of the parking spot.

Maybe your boss will be generous enough to give you a new one?


Anaphylaxis 1

First world problem if ever I heard one. Grow a pair and ask the sports car to park properly maybe?

Maybe your boss will be generous enough to give you a new one?

just get there first OP. they can't park on your spot if it's already taken!

But what if they cramp up OP's car. (s)he surely wouldn't want to even scratch an expensive sports car.

rahulcool7 14

If OP parked first the fancy sports car would most likely not mess up its parking job

*too On a side note, congrats for your new parking space and on properly using "its"!

football98_fml 20

Watch out, we got a grammer nazi over here

great! you can be that guy who always has half his car parked out of the parking spot.

That's if the sports car is parked tilted tail end away from the truck. Otherwise, he has no spot at all.

badluckalex 23

I hate those ******* tools that park their fancy cars all crooked cause they think it makes them entitled to it

i dont know, if i had a Bugatti id park however the hell i want to

Then you'd be one of those "******* tools"

Octwo 16

They park crooked because they're attempting to avoid getting door dings and dents from bad drivers in the parking lot. They should just park farther away but I can understand why you'd want to avoid damage to a panel that could cost a huge sum of money to replace. Doing that in an assigned parking situation is still a huge dick move though.

37: I will blow up your Bugatti. Don't be a tool.

Really? Don't be an a$$hole here...

REALAfroninga 11

Guys, I work at a supermarket. I got hit, and the driver just decided that he/she wasn't mature enough to face the consequences of their actions and left. Mind you, a rear bumper is not easy to replace. Now; say they hit the rear fenders. You can't just pop those off. All the sudden, you've got a massive bodywork bill, or rust forming. Rust is car cancer. It spreads and makes the vehicle unsafe. And repairs on an sports car? Well, depending on the type, those parts might not be mass produced. Look, I love my car. It's my baby. So I get trying to park in a way that makes it difficult to get hit. I always take the spot at the top of the huge hill. Carts don't roll uphill, and it's a corner spot, with a very gradual curb, so I can get a good distance from the other spot.

football98_fml 20

Teach the guy with a sports car a lesson and bump into his car

OP would probably lose the parking spot for that.

91hayek 31

and nice new insurance premiums.

ninjuh_wingman 29

That's a great idea if OP wants to pay a ton of money to fix their car as well as potentially get sued and have to pay for the damage done to the sports car.

Why not just have OP try and get there before Fancycar McDouche? Then he'll learn to park straight and OP will have his space.

It's funny how most of you guys look down on those who park wrong, but consider it 'okay' to dent or scratch their car for payback. What a way to scoop down to their level.

I've been told by parking enforcement that if a car parks bad it's their fault when someone hits them

Note on sports car: "Park straight or I get the keys out"

Sweet_Visions 13

Talk about one being a douchebag, and the other just bring too wide. /:

Or talk to both of them perhaps. Try and appeal to their better nature's...

equitationbound 22

I drive a pickup, and I know that truck drivers problem all too well! I'm sure they feel bad, I know I do when I take up two spaces, even if by a little bit. Maybe try leaving a note on the sports car? It may not work, but it's worth a try.