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#1 Mom

Today, my mom called me crazy and told me she wanted to put me in a mental hospital. She did this after repeatedly hitting me with a shoe. Why? Because I forgot to put the cap back on the toothpaste. FML
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While OPs mom doesn't want to bust a cap, I commend you for a decent original pun xD. Also, 9, nice picture. I don't like WW...but hey that's just me..also it's your, so you know.

  D37H100  |  5

35, yeah auto correct made it "you're" but idrc cause im not a grammar nazi. As for WW i like to jungle with him. But thats about it. I just like the skin.

  markrs  |  0

NEVER squeeze from the middle of the tube and don't you forget it! You can get more toothpaste out of it. Gives you a week more of toothpaste. And idk about you but I dislike buying new toothpaste. Could've used that few dollars on candy. Tsk. Tsk.

  SkardeyKat  |  3

Sounds exactly like my ex mother in law. The craziest conversation I've ever had with anyone was her following me around the house telling me she wasn't crazy, how she wasn't crazy, example after example, and that I was the crazy one. It just cemented the fact to me that she was in fact crazy!