By 420dits - Canada
Today, my crush went on webcam on MSN. He looked really adorable, so I took about 6 screen shots and copied them into paint. I accidentally took a screenshot of my screen with all the pictures on paint and copied it into the conversation. FML
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  whatgoescomes  |  5

Honestly just cover it up by saying "haha my friend dared me to do this" or "this is what this creep in r class did to your friend! I thought it'd be funny to reenact it"

  spitfire35  |  3

If you've been doing the Prnt Scrn,Alt+tab,Ctrl+v,... routine in quick succession for about 5-6 times, you might do it again by mistake.

But that is really creepy, OP.

  greenltrn2003  |  0

either very bad or very good to such a point to where you dont think about what youre doing...I think I can see how this she pasted it into the convo anyways.

  scarlett361  |  0

on MSN, you can copy a pic into a conversation by clicking and dragging it into the window or onto the toolbar where the contact is. so she probably accidentally clicked and dragged it in by mistake.. it's happened to me before, only not in such a dire situation. haha.

  Zomgilicious  |  0

Uh, because she has like 6 screenshots of him withouot his knowledge. If you were webcamming with someone and then they sen a screenshot of their page with 6 pictures if you, wouldn't you be creeped out? That's how it's creepy... And It's FML because now her crush knows she's a creeper.

  AxCxDxDx  |  0

maybe she ment to copy/ paste something else in and hadn't properly copied it, so the previous copy, the shot, which is auto bound to paste fncn. when pressed, ended up bein pasted into convo.

  Lillias_fml  |  19

It's MSN, once u paste it, it's all done. He doesn't need to accept the file or something, he can look at the photo/screen as long as he wants... I've done this but with random page screens which I needed, so yeah. It's more like YDI, you could've at least asked him if he has any photos of himself...