By no tp - / Wednesday 15 February 2012 01:26 / United States
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  Akai_fml  |  4

Easiest way to keep your ass clean in an emergency situation is to take a shower immediately after eliminating, then going out to buy some TP. I'm at a loss why the OP needs friends to get her TP and why anyone would consider cotton balls.

  StromyG2  |  10

Too bad auto correct didn't change "your" to "you're" add a space between "at" and "least". Seriously, if you're going to try and sound like a smartass, at least spell and space correctly.

  capper44  |  18

#42: people like you should be kicked every day ... Its anyone's wish how they wanna spell any word, moreover why dont u jst coment on fml and mve oN!!!!

  rattusrattus  |  18

I have heard stories of a shopping centre in the US where there are parking spaces in front of each individual shop, and people drive from shop to shop. It's probably quicker to walk in that instance. And on holidays in some parts of the North American Continent, my family and I have been stared at for our pedestrian ways.

Taking a car everywhere is understandable if your house is in the middle of nowhere, but I really don't get driving around a car park.

  Michael_92  |  19

That's cause there's nothing to get, some people are weird like that. I personally will go downtown park my truck in the middlish of everything. Unless there's rain that is.

  luccmon  |  6

I feel like the Americans that do that are more on the elderly side. Or it's cold and you don't want to spend all of your time walking back to your car with bags in hand. But anyway Americans also make fun of the other Americans that do this sort of thing lol

  jabfinch  |  9

I'm actually from Colorado, and there are convenient stores within in a few miles of several houses there. I applied critical thought. I'm just not lazy. Unlike the other 99.99% of Americans.

  Livzii  |  5

Can everyone please stop being so rude to Americans?! Every country has lazy people in it, and people say malicious things about Americans because everyone else does. So even though OP is American doesn't necessarily mean that they're too lazy to get off their arse and go to the store. And before you ask, I am British.

By  Hopes_Reprimand  |  6

Why don't you just call a cab? Walk? it can't be that far to a convenience store. Use paper towels perhaps?

If you're feeling really daring you could take a bus, but that's not for the faint of heart. Pick a seat next to the wrong person and you'll end up with a new story to post on fml...

  Michael_92  |  19

Okay am I the only person that thinks maybe walking won't work. I live in the middle of nowhere and there are no cabs, no buses, and the nearest store is 3.5 miles 1 way.