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By Anonymous - 09/08/2014 19:29 - United Kingdom

Today, I heard my sister gagging in her room. She was doing it quietly, and I got pretty concerned, after hearing a lot about bulimia recently. I knocked, then heard a gasp, so I let myself in, only to see her on her knees and her boyfriend with his underwear around his ankles. FML
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Quiet gagging.. Always think BJ hahah

inner_peace 19

One of those moments where you wish you could have the mind wipe device from "Men in Black." Most definitely FYL, OP.


Quiet gagging.. Always think BJ hahah

asnakelovinbabe 16

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she deserves it for letting herself in! she knew her sister was in there, she should have waited for a response.

meggieeeee92 27

After reading the first sentence about her gagging, my first thought was she was giving a BJ.

Same here 59. Such a dirty mind that when I hear "gag" instead of "choking" I think BJ

badluckalex 23

25 & 28 - Op didnt know his sister was giving her boyfriend a *******

sorahearts_fml 10

28 she did hear a response she heard a gasp

I would have kicked his ass if that was my sister

#25 If you're a guy then u definitly have a small one

Kyle1dc 17

She definitely choked on the embarrassment.

inner_peace 19

One of those moments where you wish you could have the mind wipe device from "Men in Black." Most definitely FYL, OP.

simplysarcastics 26

Morning breakfast with the fam will be awkward... A memory wipe device will be well needed.

Eye contact wouldn't last that long, OP, if he's like my older brother, would beat the boyfriends butt xD

mentallizzard 19

It could have been more awkward. The boyfriend could have finished right when he opened the door.

Kyle1dc 17

#94^ OP: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?! Sis: (gurgles)

I don't have a sister, but I can imagine the awkwardness of that.

triplebeerox 27

I'm sure that was a traumatic sight. I give you props though for being a concerned brother and trying to look out for your sister.

Unless they have removed it from the app it doesn't state gender on this one.

kristadoodle 8

look at the upper left corner #189, oop it does say gender :p

What a "sucky" situation. Won't bother her again...

Personal attacks because you decided to be 'that guy' and use the second most hated pun on FML and he pointed out.

I bet its the "shitty" situation one.

No sucky is a derivative of shitty situation.

mom_of_5 10

Was she all choked up over your concern?

Oh she was certainly choked up about something.

Well, she was choking And gasping. I'm not sure which you rather.

OP probably would like their sister to just not be choking or gasping. If I walked in on that I would cry and prefer neither as well.

That's a sight you're going to take to the grave. I would wait for an actual response next time before entering her room.

well if OP thought she was throwing up then his sister would not let him in until she'd hidden the evidence so I can understand OP wanting to catch her in the act.

RedPillSucks 31

If it was me it would be the boyfriends grave I'd take that vision to.

Why would she choose to throw up in her bedroom and not the bathroom? And even if she had bulimia I don't think that would be the best way to confront her about it.

True about her maybe throwing up in the bathroom but I can still understand OP being concerned. People would deal with it in different ways. Maybe confronting her is not the best thing but if she did have an eating disorder then she would need help and support and that cannot be given if family members don't know. On the other hand, I wouldn't recommending reading diaries or anything. Though all this is just my opinion which might change with experience/time/life etc. :)

It said that OP has heard about bulimia recently, not that her sister was known for doing it. She went in based on a assumption.

xXToxicPenguinXx 12

Its good that you were concerned about her health. And by caring u did not deserve to go through something that disturbing