By Jason - United Kingdom - Newcastle

Empathy bypass

Today, I worked up the courage to confess my bulimia to my girlfriend of three months. It's a touchy subject for me and I ended up in tears. When I was done talking, I looked up to see my girlfriend's disgusted face. She claimed I had a 'vomit fetish', said I was 'half a man' and broke up with me. FML
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By  cdebussy  |  1

wow, fuck her and I really hope you can get help for yourself. I suffered with an eating disorder for years and told no one. proud of you for having the courage to find that bold trust to tell her! she can go to to hell lol, fuck her. I hope you get better ❤️

By  EmDizzle2007  |  28

when you told her, had you also planned to do anything about it, or were you just expecting her to deal? not everyone who admits to a problem has intentions on doing anything about it, they just want sympathy and then play victim when they don't get it.

I have a vomit kink. there's a difference between the two.

  lifeis4me  |  20

I think OP just expected their SO to actually care since he was being open and honest about what’s going on. I’m sure he is struggling with bulimia, and some people do expect their SO to at least be dependable in such a difficult time. If he didn’t want help or change, he wouldn’t consider his bulimia a burden that he needed to be open about.