Cool your boots

By Milky Ilky - 10/02/2022 14:00

Today, my sister started lactating through her shirt post-breastfeeding at a family brunch. My husband, who gets turned on by pregnant women since he gets the most action during my pregnancies, visibly ogled her at the table. FML
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I think he was just thirsty.

How many pregnancies did you have for him to develop such an idea???


I think he was just thirsty.

Ogling is a sign of thirst. The thirst is real.

Realistically though how is it any different than girls drooling over guys with abs? People still look, despite marriage

Dustmop 17

Since when do abs swell up and lactate? Get a better comparison

Vesi 29

I had this problem when I had a baby. They make pads just for lactating mothers that fit inside the bar and keep down on leaks. Might want to look them up and get her a package to save her the embarrassment of wet shirt and staring droolers.

bobsanction 18

Well maybe if you put out more when you're not pregnant he wouldn't have developed the fetish.

Maybe if he wasn’t a fuckin creep and co tra his eyes, she wouldn’t be here posting this. *gags* at the entitlement of men

How many pregnancies did you have for him to develop such an idea???

OfficialMrD 3

“Gets the most action” Who else be getting action during your pregnancies?!