By Anonymous - 22/06/2014 20:06 - United Kingdom - Basingstoke

Today, I was at the reading of my grandma's will. Apparently I was removed from it some time ago, and the £2,500 I would have gotten went to my cheating bitch of an ex-fiancée. It seems my grandma adored her, and never forgave me for "driving her away" from the family. FML
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The will = the ultimate form of having the last word in an argument.

JMichael 25

well look at it this way. at least the cheating bitch is out of your life.


That's not fair.Sorry OP.She just didnt understand but dont dislike your grandma over money.You'll regret ot if you do.

gjikvtj 18

Looks like we found an editor...

Well done Adam! You know how to edit your comments!

cosmicriver 17

Why are you guys so concerned over a typo? They happen all the time. I'm sure everyone who commented on the typo has made one themselves. There is a bright side. He just has to figure out what that bright side is. There is always a silver lining to everything in life. One must only be able to discover it.

Life is but a learning experience. FYL definitely OP. RIP to grandma but don't let this taint the image or relationship you had with your grandma. It's no good to you to hold resentment towards your late grandma over some money. Substantial amount or not, don't let this be the way you remember her. I'm sure you could try talking to your ex about the situation and try to work something out, if it's truthfully that important to you. And I know I'm going to get some thumb downs because I'm not directly on OPs side, but being more concerned about the money apart from the death of a family member doesn't exactly side with my morals. Blood should be thicker than money. Regardless, like I said, FYL OP, I'm sorry for all your loses.

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He completely took out a part about a bright side, was not a typo

gjikvtj, your profile picture is driving me crazy. If I go on a mad killing spree, I'm blaming you.

#24, I agree it should be blood should matter more, when a will favours sometime who treated you, or the deceased badly over yourself, it hurts in a weird way. I've "lost out" in a will to someone manipulative, but the anger was more that the person who died was manipulated and the nasty person benefited. I'd have rathered it was given to a charity or burnt in my situation. Losing out on money sucks when you've lost the person either way, but OP lost out to someone who betrayed him, due to his grandmother preferring her. That's a hell of a betrayal in itself. It's bound to take a while to forgive and forget.

@34 Jeeez. Who took a shit in your Cheerios today? ....what reason do you have to hate the guy?

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The try hard for top comments

JMichael 25

well look at it this way. at least the cheating bitch is out of your life.

The will = the ultimate form of having the last word in an argument.

Oh yea? Just wait til Madame Zora gets here with her crystal ball, candles, and summoning circle. It's going to be on.

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That's sad, OP. And RIP to your grandmother

gjikvtj 18

Would you say that to your grandma?

I think by bitch she means the cheating ex -fiancée

gjikvtj 18

Oh damn I missed that part, I thought all of these swearing comments were about the grandmother

If I broke up with my fiance due to infidelity, and my grandma cut me out of her will in favor of leaving my portion to my cheating ex, I'd be pretty pissed at both of them, and grandma's grave would become my favorite urinal for a while.

#50 a little bit ****** up dont you think?

And that's what she knew you'd remember her for...

That's just ****** up your grandma cared more for your unfaithful ex than you. I don't understand how she could.

91hayek 31

That's tough that your own kin would do that to you, yet it sounds like your fiancee was nicer to her than you were when she was alive. Cheating is terrible but I think this is more to do with your relationship with your grandma than it is about your ex's infidelity. I guess the amount of FYL is cancelled by how much YDI; I abstain from voting.

OP specifically states that the whole thing was a surprise, implying that he felt he had no reason to suspect that his grandmother viewed him so poorly.

Not necessarily. Some people dislike others (even their own relatives) based on their choices in life, their appearance or personality. And there's really no way to change that.