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  badactor009  |  0

Or, taken you for a joint shower... and continued on there after some soap. Bottom line, nobody can remain squeaky clean 24/7. Instead of rolling on something to mask the funk, do the duo sexy soap scene.

  sydie5  |  12

I actually think what he did was a really effective way of telling her she needs deodorant while still being able to continue the fooling around.

  blushy  |  14

at least now you know you have a body odour problem and can do something about it instead of walking around stinky and people talking about it

  b00kn3rd  |  14

You're probably not sexually active, which may be a good thing. Think laying down and man on top lifting her arms above her head to hold her down. It's a dominance thing and statically shown to be most women's number one fantasy.