By SG - 24/03/2012 12:14 - United States

Today, I was fooling around with my husband on the bed. I was excited as he lifted my arms up in a seductive way, only to roll deodorant under my armpits. FML
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Wear more deodorant?

I just imagined that and couldn't stop from laughing

C'mon, I would kill to have someone who would apply my deodorant for me.

Poor guy. Don't be surprised if he ever cheated on you.

37, having bad b.o. Means your spouse will cheat on you? Wtf.

Are you the same woman who left bits and pieces of tissue in her vagina?

Jamacin me crasy mahn.

58- it sounds like it lol :)

He's at least trying to help

110- Like a boss

That stinks..but seriously I think that was kinda rude. He should've let you known first.

Or, taken you for a joint shower... and continued on there after some soap. Bottom line, nobody can remain squeaky clean 24/7. Instead of rolling on something to mask the funk, do the duo sexy soap scene.

I actually think what he did was a really effective way of telling her she needs deodorant while still being able to continue the fooling around.

I find it rude that she thought it was okay to fool around musty

Rude??? I can think of several much worse ways to tell her she stinks. It sounds like he did it in a creative and carefree way.

OP's partner probably did it in a joking manner as to not embarrass her, I think it's cute.

How? Would he have bent down seductively and whispered in her ear " your armpits smell terrible"

at least now you know you have a body odour problem and can do something about it instead of walking around stinky and people talking about it

This reminds me of the short film about personal hygiene we watched in grade 5 health. "Some bits and pieces ain't nice."

Wow I watched that video too! That lady missed out on more than personal hygiene ;D

Bet your health nurse didn't impersonate Britney Spears. ;)

He should have taken you to take a shower together, deodorant doesn't do much after you've already sweated anyway.

Omg I know this has nothing to do with the FML but I had a corn snake the exact same as your pic!

That's what I do with my boyfriend when he or I stink after a long day and were in the mood.

She should if she has any brains what so ever

Why was there deodorant next to the bed? Before you get into bed check for some pit stick.

take a hint? hell, take a shower!

Such a sad precedent: Your poor hygiene leads to seductive foreplay. This indicates that you should stop wiping.

You should work for Cosmo. That's the kind of tips on sex and foreplay they're looking for.

I'm sorry but that shits funny...

Perhaps ask the poor fellow from an earlier FML post on some advice? I heard he had a great time going down south on his GF :p

He wouldn't have to worry about bits of toilet paper.

let's hear it for not wiping!

What? Are you sleeping? What is thaaaat?

That's a serious mood killer. Still, would you rather have just stunk and gotten stinker as the night went on?

Lifting arms up is seductive? You and your husband are into that freaky stuff.

What's seductive about lifting somebody's arms up? What did you think he'd do?

You're probably not sexually active, which may be a good thing. Think laying down and man on top lifting her arms above her head to hold her down. It's a dominance thing and statically shown to be most women's number one fantasy.

Ooor to just put deodorant on the person with terrible smelly armpits.

Thank you 33. I didn't wanna have to explain that to a virgin.

Because being a Virgin is so bad? Good to see the morals of our society being upheld!

-implying having sex is immoral. I don't think there is anything wrong with being a virgin, but I also don't think having se is immoral.

Having sex doesn't make you the devil, nor does being a virgin make you a saint. Grow up, kids.