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Ew, be gentle. You're not supposed to go at it like that.


He probably learned that from porn movies.

someone should make a pussy-eating informational....

munch munch

Tell her to explain the sour cream then....

37 would kinda be disturbing when watching it with parents and/or younger kids

54 EPIC !!;D

it is a taco eating competition. :)

just go through the alphabet with your tongue a couple of times. don't be the fricking cookie monster about it.

The alphabet? So amateur.

blue waffle? or red pancake?!?!!! oh wait!... green FRENCHTOAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No... give up.

135- its more like cheese taco, everyone go google image that now and thank me later. hah

Sigh. Shoulda used the Tongue Tornado... -.-

Nom nom nom xD haha what a noob


ohhh Do eating indian tacos count?

66 Possibly........

As long as they got no beans in them ..

Hahah, win for your girll. i would SO say that..

LMFAO!! I know right!


mmm yummy :)

I guess lazer keyboard doesn't get out much

he needs to chill ooouuutt.

First timer? ;)

I wonder what blue tacos would taste like.....

L.M.A.O. why don't you ask his girlfriend she seems to be quite intrested in tacos.

:o a blueberry waffle! Makes me hungry

....twat waffle.

hahaha oh wow that's gross..... but delicious at the same time.. :/

Blue waffle is for pussys. Look up red pancake.

Ew, be gentle. You're not supposed to go at it like that.

right! I cringed a bit when I read this

are you a nun o_O

unless she wanted it rough... which it sounds like wasn't the case, and niether for you.... don't give advice when everyone has their own style

wow!! well, you can't blame the girl... she knows what she wants!

good for her!!! ;)

Ah yes, I remember my first time as well.

Your pic makes me ROTFL xD

I prefer captain obvious as my personal hero lil

Yo girlfriend taste like taco? :)

lol that's a good one

eww haha I hope not..

I love tacos I would hope she tastes like tacos :D