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Today, I was in the shower with my boyfriend, and things started to get heated. That's where it all went to hell; I slipped and fell, bringing down with me the curtain and grooming products, and putting my back out. There goes my sex life. FML
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Cause of injury: lack of adhesive ducks.

michaelaranda 28

Op, you should just get those rubber grip thingies for your shower if you want to have sexy showers with your boyfriend. You know whats not sexy? A concussion

Well, unless the boyfriend has a thing for unconscious women... as sad as that is.

Suppose I'm the only one here that got the Big Bang Theory reference and laughed...

I got the reference as well, definitely made me laugh

Don't worry. Hockey tape fixes everything. It's the only reason my igloos still standing

There goes your sex life? Unless you're paralyzed, I don't see how your sex life is over. Next time get yourself bathtub adhesives.

32- me too. Laughed my arse off. Ah, Sheldon....

His back is restraining him from going back to coming in from the back.

And....OP is a girl. And I've run out of time to edit....

secretkeeper911 4

... can you pass me the soap?"

Next time have sex in the bathtub not as far to fall

But she can still light her hair on fire! Is that really a trade-up?

ideally she wouldn't be lighting her hair on fire in the bathtub. i mean... happens to me all the time when I'm surrounded by water....

Are you new to FML #61? The comment above you was referring to an FML from, I believe, a few weeks ago.

Well you still have hands and a mouth dont ya

Dawnstempest 17

It's not the size of the shower that matters, but how you use it.

That's why you get in the shower after the water has reached the temperature you desire.

yankeesfancg 13

I gave you a thumbs up just because you said silly goose and that made me chuckle, nice job

caohm 18

you could always improvise at that point

I hope you have one of those shower mats for the floor! Otherwise showers are way too slippery, as you have so generously demonstrated.