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  InnocenceBlue  |  37

I have a bunch of other issues that many doctors dismiss but my doctor is aware of and has been actively treating them. Mental and physical. Going through the bullshit of explaining to another doctor my extensive timeline of stuff is exhausting and usually ineffective.

On a side note the issue is related to something she has prescribed me and I don't want to go to another doctor who doesn't know me well and have them mess around with my meds.

By  InnocenceBlue  |  37

First up most of you are assholes. Thanks for the sympathy. Second I don't live in Perth, a much smaller town and third this issue is to do with an ongoing battle with various combinations of meds. I do not want a random doctor messing around with a regime which has taking years to perfect and tweak. Lastly the issue is withdrawal from my old meds so having a new doctor change the medications would have been counterproductive. Peace.