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Today, I took the bus home. A bum sat next to me. Reeking with alcohol and sweat, he pulls out a pair of nail clippers and clips his grimy finger nails. With every clip, the nails would fly up and hit me. As I was about to ask him to stop, a nail flies into my mouth. I swallowed it. FML
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I am the author of this post, and no, I could not move to a different seat. The bus was packed like a can of sardines. My seat was actually the only seat open. Lol. I wanted to be nice, so I let him sit next to me. When he was clipping his nails, yes, they were flying EVERYWHERE. I didn't mean to swallow the nail, by the way. It was accidental. Completely. Lol. I can only fit so much in that little submit box. I couldn't explain the entire story. :) Now you all know. Trust me, if I had the opportunity to move, I would've. . . .

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you don't ask him to stop.. you move.. don't mess with a drunk bum just let him b

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yeah. thats disgusting....and i have a large tolerance for things that gross me out.


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you don't ask him to stop.. you move.. don't mess with a drunk bum just let him b

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#1 speaks the truth. Poor, poor you. I think I'm going to feel this FML even in my sleep tonight.

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I have a hard time believing this. Although sometimes fingernail clippings are projectile, it's typically not every one. And typically a person's reflex is to gag and spit if something foreign and gross lands in their mouth, not swallow (I'm just setting myself up for a "that's what she said" joke).

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You spit it out if it hits the front. Generally speaking if it lands further back your gag reflex will kick in and you will involutary swallow.