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Today, I took the bus home. A bum sat next to me. Reeking with alcohol and sweat, he pulls out a pair of nail clippers and clips his grimy finger nails. With every clip, the nails would fly up and hit me. As I was about to ask him to stop, a nail flies into my mouth. I swallowed it. FML
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itspretzelday tells us more.

I am the author of this post, and no, I could not move to a different seat. The bus was packed like a can of sardines. My seat was actually the only seat open. Lol. I wanted to be nice, so I let him sit next to me. When he was clipping his nails, yes, they were flying EVERYWHERE. I didn't mean to swallow the nail, by the way. It was accidental. Completely. Lol. I can only fit so much in that little submit box. I couldn't explain the entire story. :) Now you all know. Trust me, if I had the opportunity to move, I would've. . . .

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you don't ask him to stop.. you move.. don't mess with a drunk bum just let him b

yeah. thats disgusting....and i have a large tolerance for things that gross me out.


you don't ask him to stop.. you move.. don't mess with a drunk bum just let him b

OMG Your life sucks ....

I just gaged a little that is desisting

ROFL,roundhouse his ass!

gross! FYL indeed.

Did you like it? :D If so, fyl.

OMG that is gross!

#1 speaks the truth. Poor, poor you. I think I'm going to feel this FML even in my sleep tonight.

DANG this is Messed up!!! hahaha

I have a hard time believing this. Although sometimes fingernail clippings are projectile, it's typically not every one. And typically a person's reflex is to gag and spit if something foreign and gross lands in their mouth, not swallow (I'm just setting myself up for a "that's what she said" joke).

You spit it out if it hits the front. Generally speaking if it lands further back your gag reflex will kick in and you will involutary swallow.

That's what she said.