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Today, I started lessons on snowboarding. As soon as I got to the top of the hill, my instructor pushed me saying, "Just believe, it'll come to you!" He said this just before I hit a tree, breaking my nose. FML
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push him back!

Snowboarding is the best sport ever, but your instructor is an ass. you should begin at a small hill, practising your turns and speed. fyl


push him back!

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hahaa. revenge is the key to the soul :3

if you're paying him to instruct, it would probably be a good idea for him to actually instruct. I remember when I went skiing last year, it was 10 years after I last went skiing which was when I was 8. I told my instructor I didn't know how to turn and they were like "yes you do!" I was like "no I don't I can't remember!" Then they went off without me so I followed, and what do you know, first corner, just went straight into a massive pile of snow and my skis broke. if it was the second corner it would have been a cliff.

Perhaps you should have started on the bunny slope.

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Oh god...I'm scared to go snowboarding for the first time in 3 weeks! It's your fault! FML

i'm sure you'll survive. Just believe, it'll come to you :P x

Ouch. I've broken my nose before. You should actually sue him for that.

And technically, OP paid him for that.

Your instructors' a bitch!! :@

Well, the tree did come to you...

what's op?

obnoxious penis


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13, stop trying to lie to them. OP means obtrusive parenthesis. Someti)()()(mes OPs are ann()())))))oying.

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Orange pancakes.

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Yousuck24, you suck.

Snowboarding is the best sport ever, but your instructor is an ass. you should begin at a small hill, practising your turns and speed. fyl

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Agreed, I love snowboarding, been doing it for years and just bought my own board. It does NOT "just come to you" at all.

Me and my dad learned together, we believed in each other and started by shitting ourselves when we went on the bunny slope… but its a great sport and I love it

OP probably started on the bunny hill, every ski hill I've gone to there were trees on the sides of the bunny hill. Personally, Im finding this story a little exaggerated. I believe that the OP broke their nose, but i dont think the instructor did what was said. Im an instructor, and while we do the course to become a certified instructor, they say very clearly that the safety of others is in your hands, and if they get hurt its your fault. you can get into serious trouble, fired, and/or even banned from the ski hill.

kick his ass seabass

Get a lawyer:)

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Orginial poster @ #6

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you ruined it

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Btw YDI for not believing.