By Stingraybeemonster - 07/04/2016 08:51 - Thailand

Today, I was snorkeling when a stingray suddenly appeared when I thought I was just looking at sand. It startled me, so my heel made contact with a sea urchin so that then startled me, and my other foot hit another one. FML
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If you really stepped on an urchin, you'd be more than "startled".

Hey it was better than getting stung by a stingray.


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That's an urban legend perpetuated by an episode of Friends. Also, it refers jellyfish stings while most sea urchins aren't venomous.

vinegar and water dude. urine can cause infections.

Actually they are, no its not an urban legend, it does work, but it's not recommended. And I think Hawaii has been around for a little while longer than 'Friends'.

Hey it was better than getting stung by a stingray.

Actually, Steve Irwin's biggest mistake was in pulling the stinger out. That was the largest part of what killed him.

26, I nearly spit my drink out at that one. Dark humor is the best humor.

If you really stepped on an urchin, you'd be more than "startled".

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Yeah, going to have to call bullshit on this. Also, which lame moderator is letting these ridiculously boring/regular fmls be published? Even if this one is a legitimate story, boo fuckity hoo, you were "startled" a couple of times. I don't think that deserves to be on this site.

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Unfortunately all the FMLs posted for moderation are either boring, contain numerous spelling errors, out of format, fake, or boring in general. I'm assuming these boring ones are the best of the bad FMLs.

luckily it does not seem like it. OP only wrote that he touched it with his heel. not the he stepped on it. :)

What are you suggesting, that OP would be shocked?

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Not impossible to follow but this was definitely worded poorly

Well, good luck removing the sea urchin splinters from your foot.

Just when you think its okay, its not, and when you think its okay again, its not.

When sea life simply just hates you... Heal up OP!

How did this get voted into FML and mine don't? How is this an FML?

Dam op that was a ride from start to finish