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By Lilahpaints - 22/10/2019 18:00

Today, twelve days after stomach surgery, I birthed a left behind, forgotten blood-stained stinky surgical swab from my vagina. I have no idea why it was there in the first place. I feel violated. FML
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That could've given you toxic shock syndrome. Time for some phone calls.

The uterus and ****** ARE NOT connected to the intestines. She could have gone into septic shock and died because of this.


Maybe there wasn't a garbage can handy, so they used your hoo-hah?

That could've given you toxic shock syndrome. Time for some phone calls.

when doing abdominal surgery they have to push intestines aside...everything is interconnected down there. may have cut into something by accident and sutured it or stitched it to the side...hard to say without more info in the surgery but there are many reasons why it would have been there. I doubt you were violated in a room full of people.

The uterus and ****** ARE NOT connected to the intestines. She could have gone into septic shock and died because of this.

the stomach is a very long way from inside a vaginal canal, i just don't see this as possible. Stomachs are almost in your chest on the left side and vaginal canal can only be reached one way...and all of it is located below the bellybutton

So you really think the surgeon cut through OPs abdominal cavity all the way down and INTO her ******, stuffed a swap into her ****** to stop the bleeding on the inside of the vaginal canal, then left the trash there and didn't tell OP about it? Holy shit, if someone sliced through your GI system into your ****** you would have huge issues with infection and toxic shock, not to mention having a lot of extra stitches and needing extra care/antibiotics and checkups. If that DID happen, and the hospital never told OP or schedued after care, OP has just as big of a lawsuit/reason for outrage as if she'd been violated. Either way, there is literally no good reason for the surgeons to be in her ******, and No no no no good reason to leave a dirtied swab inside someone's body cavities.

The intestines are in no way connected to any part of the vaginal canal. The uterus would have to have been operated on in order for a swab to come out of the ******. If it had been the throat, stomach, small or large intestines or rectal cavity that had been operated on, it would’ve come out of the rectum. Before you ever have surgery on any part of your body, please get an A&P book. You do not want anyone to fill your head with BS.

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A lot of places, especially if it is a learning hospital, will allow students to go vaginal exams on patients who are under anesthesia, same with exams on men as well. It's been a practice for a long time and it has recently been brought to public attention after a lady woke up in the middle of hers. There is a lot of controversy over whether it is ethical or not and a lot of places are making it illegal. Or like another person said, maybe they had to push up on some things? I would definitely be calling and questioning though because if they left something inside of you you could have ended up being very sick.

There is no way a surgical swab could get into a persons ****** from stomach surgery... everything is not THAT interconnected. for a swab to get from the abdominal cavity to the ****** it would have to get between an ovary and Fallopian tube (which is a tiny space) through a Fallopian tube (which is again a tiny tube) and then past the cervix which is usually closed unless a baby is coming out. For a swab to be in the ****** it would have been inserted into the ******. And if they had accidentally cut into the uterus that was be a massive **** up and they are legally obligated to tell you they did so.

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Urgh these lame replies from males. Please tell me you raised this with your surgeon! If not, do so now. You need answers

there was no reason for them to be in your privates. you've been violated in a most horrendous way by people you should have been able to trust. More over that could have made you very a lawyer today not tomorrow

Contact your lawyer,seriously your not gonna have to work another day in your life

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Definitely make those calls. That is not okay that you weren't aware that they were down there and they could get in huge trouble for it.

Was your catheter put in while you were still awake or when you were in the OR? I’m an RN and the only thing that makes sense at all is that the betadine swab from the catheter kit accidentally wound up in there. I’ve never had it happen but like I said, that’s the only thing that sounds remotely possible.