By fuglyphotographer - United Kingdom
Today, I uploaded my latest picture onto a photography website. It only got one comment, and even that was from someone advising me to never use the same hideous model ever again. It was a self-portrait. FML
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  ikickgingers  |  15

You know, I used to pretend to be asleep as a kid and lay at the top of the stairs when my brothers were watching the drew Carey show ... I keep thinking op looks like Mimi. In my mind I only see blue eye shadow... Hmm? What??

  ikickgingers  |  15

The Mona Lisa reminds me of Marla Hooch from that movie .. With Tom Hanks. I am drawing a blank.

Yes a beast she is really a relative of of Dr. Henry Phillip McCoy ...

By  perdix  |  29

Your face is probably horrible. Display pictures of your tits, ass and pussy. Hopefully, you'll fond some fans of some of your other parts.

  pickles2b2  |  4

that's true, unless you want to don't want to photograph people, like me. I don't really like taking pictures of people, they can get waaayyy too critical.

  perdix  |  29

I'd like to take that bet. Not only is she not pretty, I doubt anyone would take the time if she were merely plain.

It's too bad we can't see the pics, because I'd like to bet $5 that she is fugly.

By  HomeAl0ne  |  20

That's just one person. What you need is a representative sample. I suggest a laptop, flash drive, 110" projector screen and a class full of horny teenagers.