By me - 04/11/2011 04:38 - United States

Today, I sent my grandma a naked picture instead of my girlfriend. While attempting to delete it, I sent it again. FML
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zakkyzebra 11

Better than receiving a naked picture of your grandma x.x

Wait, your grandma TEXTS?!?!


zakkyzebra 11

Better than receiving a naked picture of your grandma x.x

LiveLaughFML 10

if your grandma is cool like half of the FML ones, then she won't give a fck.

Eh... That's just... Ew... Did she rely?

Unless you're grandma is like, super hot or something'.

^ What the fuck...?

Ahaa, that made my day!

Lucky granny! :D

zakkyzebra 11

15, why does it matter how cool MY grandma is? Don't get me wrong she doesn't give a fuck about anything. Oh wait. You weren't replying to me? Strange.

LiyIa_fml 8

Time to share family nudes!!!! ;) But hopefully your Grandma is a cool one and doesnt care... Or makes fun of you. :D

OP, what an amateur....

Hope she doesn't reply with her own nude pictures.

buckeyebaby3 4

True that

If she tries to make out with you the next time you visit, it is safe to say Gran liked your picture...

No, she'll give it a whirl. Twice (at least).

She might think to take a pic of her good, old-fashioned photos from her early years.

You'd better hope she has Alzheimer's.

1/42 I didn't know you posted this FML, why else would all these people be giving you... oh I get it.. Fuckin thread jackers.

Wow. That's something you could've lived with out. Just saying. Pal.

I wouldve thought if you were sending naked pictures you would be a little more cautious. Just a little.


Wait, your grandma TEXTS?!?!

crazychick1269 7

my grandma texts and she even has a Facebook!

fthislyfe 22

Mainly, grandmas have facebook.

Not only does she text, she sexts!

Op seems about as competent with a phone as a "grandma".

It just says 'sent' it couldve been an email

Grandmas have Facebook? Mine doesn't even have a computer...

I can't even teach my grandma how to make a CALL on her cellphone.

It depends on how old she is too! If she is too old she probably can't text but if she's in the middle age she could have learned ... >.>

Watch her send you one of her own ;D

^WINCEST!! Jk dude that's sick.

Grandma: today, my grandson texted me a naked picture of himself twice! And there wasn't much to look at either, fml!

Ahahahahaha awww that's fuckin gross

maybe you can convince her it was a photoshopped photo your friend sent as a prank

Or maybe get a new phone number and send her a text saying, "hey grandma, I got a new phone about a week ago, I just never got around to sending you my new info. Well anyways, I'll talk to you later grandma. Love you, bye. Boom problem solved.

Or maybe she doesn't know what Photoshop is...

26, but how would the OP explain the nude pic, to begin with?

NM, I thought about it. Lol hopefully the picture doesn't have the OP's face in the shot and grandma doesn't recognize the family jewels.

Hopefully she doesn't recognize a birthmark or reply with "Awww, you look just like your granddad"

Your a genius(:

xhiizors 0


Looks like granny has something to show her friends at bingo night.

Or something to masturbate to at night.

@29 - I've said it before and I'll say it again: How... delightfully incestuous.

ReesesPuffs 0

My grandmas Chinese, she plays mahjong.

Oh my, look at how big your boy has grown!

UnicornPoop97 0

hhaha "look at my beautiful boy!" xD

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No one like my comment :'( *dies LOL*

Hope she doesn't reply

Hey !! Im from Canada too but I now live in France :) lets speak french together ! bisous :)

Thats ok... it will give her knitting group something to laugh about this week.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

And something new to knit on a sweater.

Andr913 13

"In attempt"?