Password issues

By Anonymous - 27/03/2009 16:46 - United States

Today, I had to log in to my computer on a projector in front of business associates at my dad's architecture firm. I typed in my username and apparently didn't hit the tab key hard enough, so I typed my password in the username box. The entire firm now knows my password is "tits123". FML
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What about vagina456? :)

well, its fairly easy to remember at least...


first ps. hehe tits, i bet they had a giggle over that one

hahaha time for a new password :)

Great password :)

well, its fairly easy to remember at least...

hopefully they were male business associates. then they would probably find it amusing.

Lmao best password ever. Not very secure, very easy to break, but hilarious. Best regards, S

why tits123 anyway? :3

how bouts tits12340-/

Three tits are better then two, right? or maybe not, that might be weird

What about vagina456? :)

Oh, wow. LMAO, though.

That's an unsafe password. :[ Hilarious though.

lol @ #7 most female employees use penis789

whats your username: BigPenis456