By Anonymous - Australia - Perth
Today, I had to call the Australian Passport office to track my passport. Turns out they lost it in the mail. A week ago, I got my dream job as a flight attendant. Without a passport they won't accept me. I lost my dream job before I even started it. FML
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  Birdie_Sage  |  0

Most likely she did explain her situation, and guess what? They won't even except her without a passport! My advice is to get a new one or find the old one, pronto.

  _Oblivion_  |  12

My friend handcrafted a spear to perfection. He had forged it very nicely and carved the shaft out. He sent it in the mail to the customer and they lost it. It got stolen by some idiot who scanned the package and read "forged spear" or somethig like that and they took it. Bs on postal service part. the guy has to make it over again which took about a hundred hours or more.

  JordanExile  |  8

I don't understand why flight attendants welcome you when you get to your destination. It's kinda weird like "hello, welcome to San Fran Cisco!" ...."I just arrived here with you." We all came together .-.

  Epsilonyx  |  15

But I'm sure they already assigned them to a specific flight, y'know? They can't just change the flight time to wait for their passport. The airline probably need a certain amount of flight attendants right then.