By Xero_316 - Canada

Paperboy on Commodore 64

Today, I was doing my paper route. I throw the papers onto people's driveways while sitting on the back of my dad's truck. To be funny my dad decided to suddenly speed up, causing me to fall off the back of the truck, face first onto the road. He didn't realize I fell off and kept driving. FML
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  Jotne  |  0

Why do people write "first" as if it was an accomplishment? It's retarded, and just highlights the fact that your life is so goddamn empty that you actually view being the first to reply as an accomplishment. I have two words for you: An hero.

  Skull_300  |  0

First......................of all, kudos for planting your face on the road and not taking the coward's way out and tucking and rolling. Secondly, it is your paper route, quit Bitching, get your piece of shit bicycle out and do it yourself! Your dad was probably thinking, "I'll teach this Lazy Fuck!"


I actually suffered something similar. It's not that big of a deal. It's hard to tell whether someone's fallen out of a car, even if you're in the middle of a conversation...

By  MermaidSongXOXO  |  6

Parental FAIL.
Sorry, OP. I'm sure your dad feels bad about it, though.
That sounds like a heck of a lot of pain.
Don't be mad at your dad, though.
Start living by these words: "Don't get angry, get even." ;] mwahahahaha

By  drbombay  |  0

that sucks about your dad, but honestly he's lucky all that happened was he got cut i fell off my bike onto the road and didnt remember who i was for 12 hours as a result of a concussion