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Today, I received a rejection letter from a company I interviewed with three weeks ago. They didn't mention giving my $200 portfolio back. Guess I'll keep using my 4-year degree to wait tables. FML
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So get it back? Depending on what you do, your portfolio is your life and they can't keep it..silly person

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For a person with a 4-year degree, you don't seem very bright. If a portfolio is $200, make copies of it, that explains itself, and I'm only 17 telling YOU this.


So get it back? Depending on what you do, your portfolio is your life and they can't keep it..silly person

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OP: oh graduated from college and now you have to wait tables? JOIN THE ******* CLUB....your not special

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not to mention, depending on the restaurant, you'll probably make more a year there then you will at a desk job. I used to make around 1.5-2k a week waiting tables...ill take that any day

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guess what it's gonna get worse and worse. less jobs for us and then the younger part of our generation that is educated much better is gonna come and take any decent Job left open.

Dude what's ur problem, he was just trying to tell you he lost 200 mother trucking dollars! That's a lot, especially since now it's christmas

a lot of times when you send a portfolio as part of an application you sign a disclaimer that you understand wont get it back. thats why you only send copies. ;)

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#2 - not always. My sister is a graphic designer and they send copies of the portfolio in bound book form... so while they are copies of original work, it is very expensive to produce. OP - You need to follow-up. Insist they return your portfolio. You already got rejected for the job, so there's really nothing to lose in asking for your property back. Go in person if necessary.

what 21 says; be insistent in getting your portfolio back. What field are you trying to go in to OP?

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the **** you doin op thats when you walk in there like youre the shit and own people in the face ? :D

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For a person with a 4-year degree, you don't seem very bright. If a portfolio is $200, make copies of it, that explains itself, and I'm only 17 telling YOU this.

You're not 17, YOU'RE A ROBOT! Im on to you and your evil robotic ways.

A four-year degree isn't something that hard to obtain. It's just a bachelor's degree probably. I have a teaching certificate from my university and worked at a pizza place after graduation. Although I have a teaching job now, the OP just needs to suck it up and stop being offensive. Things will work out at some point. By the way, maybe people "choose" to work in restaurants??? Not because they aren't educated. Jerk.

to #12: Who gave you a teaching certificate? Your spelling and grammar are horrendous.

To 45, read 16's post, read the post that 16 is referring to, then come back. Thank you.

#16- Exactly where did #12 have any spelling errors? Are you high? Also, as far as grammar- Nobody has perfect grammar. Besides, I understood #12's post just fine. I think you are just reading it wrong. Also, News Flash: Just because this person is a teacher doesn't mean they are an English teacher. Asshole. I actually find this person's post to be very insightful.

#16: I would like to add that no one "gives" you a teaching certificate. You EARN it. If I don't have grammar that suites your liking then you don't have to read my posts- Although I don't think my grammar was all that incorrect. Also, I have no clue what you're talking about when you mentioned my spelling was also horrendous. I don't see one misspelled word in my post. It would probably be a good idea to stop smoking pot then reading FMLs. Thank You.

Seriously, grammar nazis piss me the hell off. If you don't understand someone's post cUZ DeY RItE liEK dIZ that's one thing but heaven forbid someone makes the most minor error (or in this case, no error at all) that would only be noticeable by someone who isn't reading the post for its content.

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rofl...#16, 12s spelling and grammar were perfect...what are you talking about?

yeah, just make copies of the thing on a black and white Xerox and you might as well staple the thing together while you are at it. It more than likely cost $200 to simply bind and copy,TJStarzZ (lol what a name). Nowhere did this person say anything about losing the work itself. Kid, you have a lot to learn about life. To Blarg. We are all in the same boat, man. The economy sucks and there aren't any jobs anywhere. Here is to using our four year degrees to do what is far beneath us. Hopefully the economy will get better sooooooon!

No work is beneath you if you're doing it. People like you are the ones that don't deserve jobs because you feel entitled and think you're better then everyone else. Think the work you are doing is beneath you? Quit and let someone who would appreciate it have that job. Trash.

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You and me both, OP. four years, graduated cum laude (hurr he said cum) with two degrees, and still I'm waiting tables. Awesome times.

YDI for being Amish and not knowing what the hell a photocopier is. P.S I am sorry for any offence caused to any Amish visitors on this site. But if you were truly Amish, you wouldn't be on the internet anyway wise-ass.

What planet are you numbskulls from where a portfolio isn't returned? Portfolio ≠ any unrequested submission. A portfolio is a big heavy ************ (often professionally printed and bound, with all sorts of bells and whistles to best show the work) that you drop off when a prospective employer doesn't have the time to meet with each applicant individually. Cheap black and white photocopies won't even get you in the door at those sort of places. That said, OP, don't be a push-over. Of course they're not jumping to blow money on postage returning a rejected portfolio, even if that is the ethical thing to do. You need to ask for it back, hon, which may include showing up. Then again, if you'd give up after one rejection, that's less underpriced competition for me, so maybe, by that stretch of the imagination, YDI.

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The fact that you have a degree doesn't entitle you to a better job, you might actually be an ass, or not have a suitable personality for the job. This is a recession, take what you get, instead of bitching and moaning. You're lucky to have a job.

I agree. I'm a teacher full time in a public school and work at a pizza place on the weekends. I can't stand it when people call up assuming they are better than me because they don't work in a restaurant. Although I have a degree, in no way do I assume I'm better than everyone else for it. I wish more people would realize education does help in the long run for a better job, but it doesn't always guarantee a position.