By scarred - 27/07/2009 04:42 - United States

Today, I heard my parents having sex for the first time so I turned the TV up really loud to drown out the noise, and a minute or two later my mom comes downstairs in this skimpy nightgown to ask me why the TV was so loud and, seeing the horror on my face, kept asking what was wrong with me. FML
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Maybe they were just rearranging the furniture? *thud thud thud* "You like it like this?" "Ooh, yeah, right there, that's good"

THIS HAS HAPPENED TO ME! I feel your pain.


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damn straight, the OP isn't the one *******, it's his parents! So FTL (**** their lives) =D

yeah these kinds of FMLs are getting pretty boring... funny the first time, not the hundredth

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yea but he had to HEAR them *******. thats bad enough for an FML.

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wtf is wrong with people... who would want a mental picture of their parents ******.. seriously.. ok yeah they do it.. but ****** if i want to have that mental image.. and seeing ur mother in a skippy dress is just weird.. and if it was my mum, its just wrong... FYI, if u enjoy listening to ur parents goin at it, go join them... this is a FML...

Actually, SHE had to hear. Don't know if this makes a difference, but her mom is pretty weird

it's obviously not having sex for the first time since you're there... lol jk i know what you mean

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should have asked if you could have joined in............... I would me 8================D your dad :- lol

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well it could be an FML cuz OP's parents don't know what's wrong so they might do it a lot now. making her whole life in that household awkward.

people know there parents have sex. it's the fact that she heard it. for the first time is worst. and she saw her mom in a skimpy dress. right there most people would be grosses out.

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Not an FML...You're parents still have sex, so that means they still have a healthy, happy relationship. Would you rather them divorce? Moron... I don't know why so many FMLs are about parents having sex...I know you don't want to hear them, but you're parents do still have sex..

Having sex doesn't mean you have a healthy, happy relationship. I think the only times I heard my parents doin' it was after they split.

If there are that many FMLs about it, then it obviously bugs people. I hate how many people respond to this "OMG IT'S NOT AN FML", yes. It is. It's disturbing and gross. You wouldn't want your parents to hear YOU having sex so YOU don't want to hear your parents having sex. It's only logical. Stop being a prat.

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obviously it was the first time the OP heard them doing it, not their first time having sex.

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7 -- it's strange and kinda ****** up, and you're totally right. I guess it does some shit to your brain after you have an argument, because I have had some of the most earth-shattering sex and utterly blissful orgasms right after a disagreement.

THIS HAS HAPPENED TO ME! I feel your pain.

good thing she didnt catch him masturbating

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I was at my friend's house one day, we woke up to that happening lol

Why so much hue and cry about parents having sex. Yeah it does sound awkward but please they are humans and they are couples. They too need some loving! Let them have it. But yeah this one is a bit of FML. Esp the way OP's mum came and asked if something was wrong.

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What, do you enjoy listening to your parents' sex or something..? glad i dont have parents like that C:

the parents should use some kind of noise in the bedroom to drown them out if they get that loud, I mean they can't be that oblivous to the noise they make

The first time I read this, it sounded like she heard her parents the first time they had sex. That would mean she heard it as a sperm. That made me laugh. MLIA :)