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By Anonymous - 19/10/2014 21:03 - United Kingdom - Castleford

Today, is the start of the third month that I prayed I would be fired, just so I didn't have to quit because I hate awkward conversations. FML
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shasta95 5

I'm just as socially awkward as you are


shasta95 5

I'm just as socially awkward as you are

The pressure is mounting! Who will make the first move?

incoherentrmblr 21

Hopefully they don't take your stapler, then you'll have a reason to go out in a blaze of glory...

So am I, lol roofers are here replacing the roof, and I won't turn up my music that I listen to every day because they're here.

lexiieeex3 32

Wouldn't getting fired be an awkward conversation though...

they wouldnt need to speak. your just told you were s good fellow and all and how youve contributed and before you know it you're on your way.

I think a resignation would look a helluva lot better than termination to future employers.

Yeah. OP is obviously doing a good enough job not to get fired. So I suggest OP gets another job and gives two weeks notice in writing. I hate those conversations too. But you'll be much happier if you learn how to face them. Especially since they shouldn't be too common.

orbit 22

Or break into your boss's car and drive it into the building, then streak around the parking lot while spray painting "-your boss's name- was here" then calmly get dressed and leave. Problem solved.

I guess you could try to get yourself fired, but that could result in an entirely different kind of awkward situation.

If you are miserable at your job, I'd rather have an awkward situation then be miserable

I originally thought that too, but OP might need a recommendation from this job or if OP gets a new job, they might call up the employers from her old job to see how well OP worked there. I would say that the best thing to do is to practice with a friend.

Well, face the awkward conversation for just one time, and you don't have to see your boss's face anymore, and you will be done with the job you hate the most! :-)

You can afford not to work? I'm a UK taxpayer, I'd rather you keep your job so I don't have to pay for you.

So it's you I can blame for not giving me enough money! I always knew it came down to one person if you go high enough. Stop paying for police and other emergency services or rubbish collection etc and pass the extra cash my way.

It's best to quit because then your reference for the next job will be better than if you got fired

Best to give notice. Sometimes quitting is just as bad as getting fired.

I guess that's what I meant, I've never had to leave a job before, still in my first :)

I would hope purposely getting fired would be easier than getting hired. There's so many ways of going about getting yourself fired. Use your imagination, and your boss will be spitting mad and having security drag you out in no time.