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Today, I got fired from a job I had already resigned from after agreeing to stay on and help them out for an extra month, despite having no contract. They fired me because a colleague refused to work with me anymore because I wouldn't date him. FML
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Well, at least you’re out of a job you didn’t want any more, but they should definitely have fired him.


Well, at least you’re out of a job you didn’t want any more, but they should definitely have fired him.

Take this job and shove it ... in about a month while I help you poor schmucks out.

Asking for a date is NOT sexuell harassment, nor is refusing to work with someone.

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I think that it qualifies because that is why she was fired, even though it was indirect.

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Firing someone for refusing to go on a date with someone else is though.

Firing someone for refusing to go out on the date is a massive sexual harassment violation.

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Actually, it could be more of a wrongful dismissal case on the grounds of harassment. Clearly the person OP is referring to didn't just ask once. That person got pissed off after being rejected so many times, and retaliated by refusing to work with OP. Which led to OP being fired. And that's not a valid reason to fire someone. If anything, there should be an investigation conducted.

If the coworker repeatedly tried despite OP saying no, it COULD be classified as sexual harassment. My job had us watch a sexual harassment video in training, and this was one of the situations.

Talk to HR if they have an HR department. That’s sexual harassment and the bastards fired the wrong person. On the bright side, you wanted out....

Never go to HR. They work for the management, not the workers. They are not your friend or even an honest broker.

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I agree with this. They have never helped me even though they discriminated against me!

Sounds like that's entirely their loss. Just move on, you already quit anyway.

I would take this problem to corporate, because it sounds like they were just looking for any reason to fire you.

That's why you never offer to help the company out that you're leaving and have resigned from. Clearly they're smoking their own socks and don't know what they're doing if they need your help.

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File a sexual harassment suit!