By carine13 - 30/09/2012 03:49 - Canada - Edmonton

Today, it's my best friend's birthday. It's also the first year I've had her gift purchased, wrapped and mailed on time. The post office lost the parcel. FML
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carine13_fml tells us more.

OP here! FM password retrival. lol Yeah Canada Post comes with free insurance so I got my money back.

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lacespace 8

Murphy's Law 101. You understand.

perdix 29

When you file the insurance claim, tell them you got your friend an original Picasso, a gold ingot, unicorn semen and the secret recipe for Coke.


Caliborn_06 11

It's all about fed ex!

Yeah 3x the cost.. And FYI, depending on where its going, post office delivers fed ex mail

I suppose we should trust you, since you are the post man.

Just don't ask me to track her package!

SuperDerp 8

Yeah, the Ipod i bought came by fed ex.... They drove by my house to my post office 5 minutes away.....

lacespace 8

Murphy's Law 101. You understand.

Thanks to you and google I learned something new today!

Big_lama6 7

The post office is really going down the shitter

No one is perfect. The post office does pretty good considering how much they do ship out and stuff.

Post office loses packages all the time. Should have mailed it through fed ex :p

See response to #1

Send the post office a bomb with a note attached saying, 'next time don't loose my damn package'.

Not even funny and it's "lose"

unknown_user5566 26

And then get arrested. Solid plan!

What? Arrested?

Why would OP get arrested for shipping a box through federal express? I don't think it's illegal to do that.

unknown_user5566 26

Sigh. My comment posted on the wrong thread. There was a comment when this FML was first posted that said something about a bomb threat to the post office; looks like it was removed and my comment got screwed up.

SApprentice 34

That sucks, OP, I'm sorry that happened. I'm sure she'll understand though, since she's your best friend. Maybe you can send her a 5 or 10 dollar gift card for coffee or something- "I'm sorry your gift got lost, want some coffee while they try to find it?" I like your name, though. Murphy's Law indeed.

Does this best friend live on the same city as you do? If so, you ought to have just hand delivered it, and get an awesome birthday cake tasting. But if not, you ought to have known Murphy's law. Oops, didn't see above comments

perdix 29

When you file the insurance claim, tell them you got your friend an original Picasso, a gold ingot, unicorn semen and the secret recipe for Coke.

perdix- completely off topic, but on an old, random FML, you said you would marry snickerdoodles when she's old enough. Well...

perdix 29

She quit FML, so that ruined it for me. We also had a big philosophical disagreement. She said she was bisexual, yet wanted to get married to a man and be faithful to him. To me, that didn't add up.

she sounds complicated.

GovernorGeneral 8

You could marry me instead :'D

perdix 29

#38, Sure, OK, just combine your pic with my logo and I can imagine what kind of beautiful babies we'll produce.

if they lost the parcel , simply go to the post office And......shoot everything and averyome in sight!!!!, I need help

ozone9914 2

well that sucks

They should really make a button that expresses that... OH WAIT