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By Ma.Sa.La. - 27/02/2009 15:18 - United States

Today, I was walking through the mall with my boyfriend of a year and a half. There was sign outside of the jewelry store that said, "Engagement Rings - No interest for 12 months." I said, "Look, baby! No interest." He replied, "That's right… NO INTEREST." FML
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after 1.5 years thats enough time to make a decision to stay with somebody for the rest of your life? Thats lust not love...Find a guy that will marry in a year and you'll be getting a divorce even sooner.


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ohhh I know how that is ... I would have slapped him!

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kinda set urself up wit tht one tho lol 

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Hey, guys don't like the commitment of marriage. And what is marriage anyways, but a piece of paper and a party?

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get acondom instead if wedding ring for a change bitch

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Haha u totally set yourself up with tht one. :P 

120: it's a bond. it's not being called together or boyfriend and girlfriend or dating, it's husband and wife. and sure you share money and a paper and a party but you get to show everyone else they are yours forever.

Not forever. It's only a few months/years before they start ******* others

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Apparently you're doing it wrong 143

139-you can do all that when your dating as well

anyone else hate women that resort to slapping like that poster suggested?

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I don't really understand. A year and a half is not that long of a time to be in a relationship. I wouldn't be ready for marriage either.

wow he's an ass.. he could have at least been nice about it

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after 1.5 years thats enough time to make a decision to stay with somebody for the rest of your life? Thats lust not love...Find a guy that will marry in a year and you'll be getting a divorce even sooner.

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How on earth does getting married show true commitment ? Can you really really please explain that to me ? I think there's a reason why divorce rates are so high. I'm sorry to crush your dreams but if a guy or girl cheats, them getting married is not going to make them the most faithful human beings all of a sudden. One can cheat in a marriage just as much as one can cheat in a relationship, just as one can be faithful in those two situations. With marriage there's only commitment in theory, which then again counts for nothing seeing that actions speak louder than words. Marriage in the traditional sense is fading more and more every day. In short it is overrated.

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#10. I didn't say that they had to run to the altar then. I just said that his reaction would have raised a red flag. If he's not interested in her, then she should move on. If he's not interested in getting married, and that's what she wants, then she should move on. When a guy says, "I don't want to get married," he's saying that he doesn't want to get married to YOU. He'll eventually get married, just not to you. And if waiting around for 2.5 years works for you, then that's fine, but I would want to know if marriage was in the cards we didn't get 5 years into it for him to decide I'm not the ONE.

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Your assumption that when a man tells his significant other he doesn't want to get married, it means he doesn't want to marry them is entirely false. I know for a fact that when I, a man, say I don't want to get married, I really don't ever want to get married. You can't immediately assume that every man who says that is lying.

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that really sucks. and after like a year when i was 17ish my boyfriend which was actually a little younger than me wanted to marry me. we were together for over two years. and even after we broke up for like six months he still called and talked about marrying me... but we grew up and grew apart so that didnt work. so what im trying to say is that i agree that you should discuss your relationship with him. or at least what you mean to him. and #17 i am a girl and i DO NOT want to get married. i did at one point. but not anymore.

Not every girl wants to get married. In fact, as I have gotten further into my 20's, I've contemplated the notion of having kids on my own, not to be confused with octomom. However, I've always wanted children more than a husband. I'm just saying that if marriage is what she wants and he doesn't, then she should consider her options. Marriage is more than a piece of paper. It's a commitment of solidarity, and if you should choose to walk away, it's going to be a lot harder. It's not for everyone. I just don't believe in giving the milk for free forever. There is a fine line between being committed and being comfortable. Both people need to be on the same page.