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  TabooSushi  |  24

Not sure why you got downvoted, you're right. Underage kids don't think of that stuff when they send nudes and other sexually explicit images. It's technically child porn and people HAVE gotten busted for it.


What does having a photographic memory have to do with anything? Does that mean she shouldn't even get naked in front of any man in case they remember her..? Or do you mean men can digitalize their memories and post last night's sexcapades on the Internet?

  light_specks  |  3

No, sending private information or pictures is not "asking for trouble". When you share something private with someone and they then divulge that to others, that makes them scumbags. And it's often illegal. Don't freaking victim-blame. There is no one to blame if he decides to share her pictures but him.

By  dracolich  |  27

Document it all, call the cops. Don't let anyone make you believe this "is your fault" for sending nudes. It's not. It's his for turning a private, erotic practice into a weapon against you.

  LoverWordsFood  |  27

Glad your name matches the comment. I guess you haven't been in a relationship where the two of you like to tease one another by sending sexy pictures and texts. The reasons don't matter why the couple does it but you shouldn't be blaming the OP at all for her wanting to be sexy and sending them to her partner, well ex boyfriend now.

By  SixthSinEnvy  |  39

This is why I say, if one MUST send nudes, never ever ever include your face/tattoo/identifying factors that could point to it being you. People are just too mean and vengeful nowadays.

By  band_geek  |  18

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