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By embarrassed - 03/01/2010 06:53 - United Kingdom

Today, whilst at my boyfriend's family get together, his cousin got really drunk and decided to ask my boyfriend when he was planning on proposing to me, loud enough for everyone to hear. An awkward silence was followed by my boyfriend's mother, who clearly said, "Hopefully never." FML
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arabianballa 0

Well atleast you're saved from a monster in law :).


arabianballa 0

Well atleast you're saved from a monster in law :).

Yeah, this. Imagine if she hadn't said it now and you didn't find out she was a spiteful old crone until after you'd married him? Atleast now you're prepared, FYL D:

daysgoby902 6

**** his mother if he wants to marry you then don't worry what she thinks it's you and him not you him and her

daydreamstar 7

ouch. im sorry. but moms are usually like that when their little boys are (possibly) about to get married. its probably not you, just her emotional attachement, though his cousin needs to be smacked, well, maybe not smaked, but maybe its time for a heart to heart. ;)

toxic_fire 0

@arabiannalla True but I guess that isn't nice to hear from your boyfriends mother.

no i dont think she is an alien witha rather large head,yellow and black eyes. Now she is a Bitch i know thatw as a lame ass star wars reference and it was nerdy of me to say so

Kylias 6

At least you accept it Banshee and that's what matters.

sairah72 0

you'll have to show her otherwise, then shell be writing a FML

oh shut the **** up crybabies :D this was funny, you don't know the girl so why do you assume mother hadn't her own reasons why she said so? However, amazing situation :D

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yea it's now 7 in the morning in Texas