By Anonymous - 27/6/2020 20:04

More proof the system is broken

Today, my younger sister, who lives at home and worked 1 day a week at the gym, got her unemployment card. I work at a hospital, on the frontlines, with COVID-19 patients. I don't get hazard pay. She now makes more than me in a week by sitting at home watching Netflix, while I risk my life every day to help people. FML
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By  awildwhisper  |  30

I got laid off and, rather than doing unemployment, I found an ok paying night job that I don't like but hired me. My mother actually got upset with me for not going on unemployment and all my friends are traveling and relaxing. Am I doing the right thing or am I a masochist? The world may never know...

  tounces7  |  27

If you're making less money, then you're a masochist. We're talking about money coming from the government here. You can either get it for yourself, or let them spend it on more bombs to kill poor kids in other countries.

  yousodi  |  8

Being smart wait til next tax time when all these folks are in the next tax bracket after nearly doubling their incomes then wonder why they’ll be paying in

  It_gets_better  |  14

A bit of a Masochist, but if it makes you feel independent and proud of yourself then that's really all that matters.

  It_gets_better  |  14

Yeah, I think the stimulus bill should have been more specific to previous incomes- especially when the IRS has everyone's information anyway...

By  Colleenfllorida  |  9

I work at a hospital too No hazard pay, nothing. Our hours were cut though so we're getting LESS pay for putting our lives at risk every day. All while people continue to argue with us about why they cant come in for non-patient reasons (we are closed to the public so no visitors, cant come in to get medical records or go to the cafeteria, etc...) or why they have to wear a mask even though we've had almost 20.000 cases in the last 2 days ( no thats not a typo, I'm in FL)

  Win  |  9

There is a really good explanation for why liquor stores are still open. Many people are alcoholics, or rely on alcohol for soothing even though it’s a depressant... so if the government closed down liquor stores, many of those people who rely on alcohol would end up in hospitals with huge withdraws symptoms that they cannot cope with right now with COVID going on.