Stay safe, despite capitalism

By Anonymous - 23/09/2021 19:59

Today, despite both of us being vaccinated, my wife recently tested positive for Covid and now I'm showing symptoms. Neither my state or job offers any kind of financial support for Covid leave, so my options are infecting others or starving under a bridge. FML
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There has to be some kind of sick leave, do you have to say it is for Covid?

The problem is that OP might kill someone if they do that. Morally it's a pretty dangerous thing to try.


There has to be some kind of sick leave, do you have to say it is for Covid?

Might be a risk cause they could ask for a COVID test

Go to work. Honestly, if the company doesn't offer any sick time or benefits that is on them.

To those who voted down: semantically at least, Jeremy's correct. The company declares that being sick isn't a valid reason for missing work. Thereby, it logically becomes responsible for whatever happens henceforth. Of course, this is ABSOLUTELY NOT proper legal advice. Just how basic logic works.

The problem with going to isn't that you might hurt the company. It's the collateral damage of customers and other employees. Though seriously what kind of shit company doesn't just give you PTO for covid right now...

If you do this, you are a piece of shit. Even if all you have is a cold or the flu.

well...too bad. Me and my family come first. If the company has no sick time and tells you to go to work then it is the companies problem. My company is exactly the same way, not just with Covid but with everything. If other people get sick that's just too bad.

Things aren’t that easy. If you were in this situation, I can almost guarantee you would consider going to work. Also, it sounds as if this person may be the sole breadwinner. They have a spouse to support! Do you want these people to suffer and die?

Infect others. When they get sick, tell them it's a present from Gov. Abbott or DeSantis or any of the other right-wing pricks that extended the pandemic. You're exercising your "personal responsibility" to put food on your table.

Sadly, I wouldn't fall off my chair if even the most pro-vaccine state didn't offer any kind of support for covid-related sick-leave. Don't forget that electoral college seats, governors, senators and state legislatures are somewhat unrelated. And some are more vulnerable to gerrymandering than others.

If the Democrats are so competent, why is there still a virus in their states?

The highest rates of infection are in red states. And states where "crisis standards of care" are in effect are ONLY red states. It's clear that Republican "leadership" is correlated with failure to deal with the pandemic.

The problem is that OP might kill someone if they do that. Morally it's a pretty dangerous thing to try.

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I can't believe I still have to do this but… PSA: Antivaxxers and other dumbass anti-science Covid deniers are NOT welcome on FML. Go back to your Facebook groups and circlejerk amongst yourselves.

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There's a rapidly growing city of people under a bridge at the border. Find out how they're making it work. Just in case

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well. under the bridge you go ASSHOLE. why would you even question getting others infected

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It's time to find that coworker that annoys you and cough on there desk.

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You can still contract COVID being fully vaccinated. All it's meant for is to decrease the symptoms and/or severity.

Well, that's not ALL it means. It drastically reduces your chances of contracting it, but if you do, it also has prepped your immune system to fight the disease. That is entirely up to your individual immune system.