By VocalizedBoar - 20/05/2012 23:35 - United States - Albuquerque

Today, there is an annual solar eclipse. As I was buying the last pair of solar glasses to watch the eclipse with, some jerk snatched them out of my hands and bolted off with them. I now have to make the decision between watching the eclipse and not going blind. FML
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No joke, all solar eclipse glasses were sold out. Even all the welding goggles were sold out at the hardware stores.

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What you can do is find him and wait, after he has watched the eclipse and as he takes the glasses off poke him in the eye, hard.

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Or wait for him to be looking at it and take them off while he's staring lol

I saw it with my bare eyes, well 20 min after when the sun looked like a crescent and I'm fine. I only saw those green spots about 2 hours.

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You should of used a mirror It works just as well that way you can see it and not look dirrectly You turn around so your back is facing the eclipse and you place the mirror in front of you and look for the eclipse that way you don't et direct hit

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Welding mask works like a charm.

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That doesn't work,u need something that will reduce the brightness.Were u ever one of the nerds like me setting leaves on fire with a magnifying glass?U have the same kinda thing in ur eye that the magnifying glass does to set it on fire. Look at the sun and u do the same thing.And a mirror does too

Not to worry, you didn't miss much. Eclipse is an awful movie anyway

Why not just buy some somewhere else?

Cause that would take the "**** my life" out of his story..

He was too outraged at the thieving scoundrel that was running off with the pair he fell in love with.

VocalizedBoar 6

No joke, all solar eclipse glasses were sold out. Even all the welding goggles were sold out at the hardware stores.

Meh. Nope sorry. This isn't a FML.

At least you got the chance to see it. It was too cloudy and rainy to see it from here. Pro tip, don't wait until last monite next time, I've known about this eclipse for a few days now.

The town was completely sold out dumbshit I was there too

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Should've worn 5 pairs of sunglasses. Worked for me

stormer461 13

Also considering how one of the options causes you to go blind and you couldn't even see the eclipse without glasses, it doesn't seem like a hard decision.

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Hell. Even two pairs of cheap sunglasses worked for me and my friend.

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OP, you should snatch one from stormer461.. He has 5 of them.

I know right that's such a hard decision right there. Watch an ANNUAL eclipse and go blind or wait a year and keep your vision?

No D: you're not supposed to wear sunglasses and watch an eclipse, it'll actually be worse than staring at it directly. The darkness of the sunglasses will cause your pupils to dilate, allowing more light to enter and cause more damage.

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lefty619, you're 18 and haven't learned that solar eclipses are much more rare than once a year. How? They happen once every few years, take only a couple hours from start to finish, and can only be seen by a small portion of the planet each time. OP, calm down. My friend and I stared directly at it for a minute, or so, at a time all throughout. The spots in my vision only lasted a few seconds and the damage to retinas is minimal as long as you only do it a few times in your life. I should state that we only got 35% coverage here and looking at the ring of fire effect is more damaging.

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I used 3 pairs of sunglasses and just put my hands up and looked through a little hole. That was good enough for me too. It was freakin awesome!

Eclipses (let alone solar) are always pretty cool to see

Always go with KEEPING SIGHT!! Going blind = sucks. 70% of our sense is seeing. Smelling, touching and soforth only make up 30%!

Here's some numbers I pulled out of my arse!

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It was pretty cool, but there wasn't a ring of fire or anything like that.

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At least you could see it, it was cloudy in Seattle..,

So one could say they were taken from your hands with blinding speed?

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Or just not act like you know everything because you obviously know nothing. Regular sunglasses would do the job fine. as well as the naked eye.

Watching a solar eclipse with the naked eye would work just about as well as anarchy.

So, pretty well then, right? (yes this was sarcasm.)

#6 Do me a favor and try watching a solar eclipse with a naked eye. Tell me how it works out.

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Where on earth is there an annular solar eclipse?


Watching an eclipse with the naked eye for even sunglasses can burn out your retinas and cause you to become blind. I used a few X-ray sheets and it worked well :)

You should have simply bought a white or black balloon and look at the sun through it, that's what I did.

i wish i would have known about these nifty tricks :( curse my ignorance!

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It's not worth your eyesight. And it's not the end of the world. There will be other solar eclipses!

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Or just look at it for seconds at a time...that's what i did at least, and I'm hopefully not going blind

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True he did say it's annual.

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Your life sucks not because a fluke theft spoiled your one time purchase, but because you lack the intelligence to look up other safe methods of viewing solar eclipses on the internet or the creativity to come up with another option on your own. This FML is pretty weak, dude.

There are only two ways to view an eclipse safely: ( or even just the sun ) • pinhole camera • or #14 welding goggles

Watching through a CD works just fine. No, I'm not kidding.

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Yes it does, the CD would block out the rays around the sun so you wouldnt go blind, but you wouldnt get to see the full dimensions if space.