By jenny2989 - 07/06/2012 00:50 - United States

Today, I reached behind my couch to plug my phone charger in. My arm got stuck and I had to wait for my roommate to get home to help me. FML
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At least your phones ok.

Don't be silly! An extension cord would be unable to help him pull his arm free.


At least your phones ok.

SupahAsian 4

Niggers tongue my anus.

Well in the aftermath he still gets his phone charged.

I hope the couch isnt hurt

bennn89 5

This FML is what sucks. Boo.

At least you didn't have to cut it out..

Do you mean cut it off? Like the arm? Cause that would be slightly dramatic

Out/Off doesn't matter. And I was referring to the film "127 hours".

Not dramatic. Just a flesh wound.

PInK_ExCiTeD 7

18- -.-

35 its a movie you idiot. Edit:ninja edit 35

Yeah except he was in the desert alone trapped by a rock and cutting his hand off was his only option. Getting your hand stuck behind a couch isn't parallel to that movie at all.

50 thats the joke dont take everything so literally dude ease up

64- I know right? I swear people these days.. Getting more serious by the second.

comeatmebroo6254 1

How would it ever come down to that? I don't think it's that hard to just move the couch out.

Have you heard of an extension cord?

Or perhaps, an easier outlet to reach?

Don't be silly! An extension cord would be unable to help him pull his arm free.

4- how do you get the extension cord plugged in, then, hmm?

luckyd880 12

Ooo better luck next time. Maybe invest in a car charger. Something less dangerous :/

Dangerous? How the hell is plugging your phone in dangerous? OP probably tried to reach their arm in a tight spot to plug it in, and it got stuck.

luckyd880 12

Well it obviously seems dangerous to op :)

Yes, a car charger in her house makes more sense

siickman 7

Omg i died to 38's comment. Thanks for making my morning. And i always lose my car chargers btw. I think they get stolen doe so not sure :(

luckyd880 12

I just charge my phone while I drive because my one year old always steals my wall chargers and slobbers on them. So it may be a good idea to get a car charger for the CAR. Or find a different outlet that's more accessible.

You'd have been screaming bloody murder if you got a cramp with your arm pinned like that.

SystemofaBlink41 27

I'm sorry, was that a Sum 41 reference?

I did think about their worst, most disappointing album ever released when I was typing that, yes. :( Wasn't the point of the comment though.

SystemofaBlink41 27

I actually agree about it being their worst album, though I was more excited about the reference than the album itself.

You life isn't f***ed. That hour (or hours) you wasted may have sucked but hardly a FML

unknown_user5566 26

Are you the type of person who also sticks their arm into vending machines? I'm also fairly certain you have more than one power outlet; next time, choose one where you won't risk getting stuck.

I always plug my charger in behind my couch if I forget to charge it the night before. I like to use my phone while it's charging. I wouldn't berate them for wanting to use the outlet behind something comfy.

unknown_user5566 26

26- Fair enough, I do that too. The big difference? I don't get stuck, and I'm assuming you don't either. :)

I bet OP even climbs inside claw machines just to get the plush toy.

unknown_user5566 26

30- Not going to lie... I've contemplated that. The teddy bears are just too damn tempting! ;)

ChickInGreenVans 12

I bet he does..

This is the definition of a first world problem.

...Your couch must be pretty damn heavy considering you couldn't nudge it back just slightly enough to get your arm out. That or it's nailed to the floor?...

Or op is really really lazy, and figure it was better to sit and wait while eating potato chips.

When your body is on it it's very hard to move it, assuming that OP was on the sofa and leaning behind it if they couldn't get to the socket from the side.

why didn't he pull it out in the first place?

54- op could have just pushed against the wall even with the fact they were on the couch. (since the arm was stuck, I am assuming the couch was against the wall.) unless op weighs a ton, that's the only way I see them not being able to move the couch a half an inch.

kaylanicole1695 12

what are the odds that op had a bag of chips?