By Anonymous - 4/7/2020 17:01

Marxism intensifies

Today, after three weeks of suffering from COVID, I returned to work. I met with my boss, and was written up for absenteeism. Oh, and we're closing early because there are ongoing riots. Oh, and we lost the contract and I'm unemployed in three weeks. FML
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Your employers are breaking the law. The government passed the Federal Cares Act which covers you. Here's a link to the information. Show it to your boss, and if the ball let them know you will be reporting them to the Labor Department, and possibly file a lawsuit. you will win.

By  guiltyschuldig49  |  12

Your boss can’t write you up for quarantining while you have Covid. That’s not legal at all. And the fact that you’re losing your job in three weeks sounds like he’s trying to find reason to terminate you in those three weeks with reason of attendance or write ups instead of downsizing so you won’t get unemployment. Take it to HR immediately with proof of your diagnosis.