Bigmouth Strikes Again

By Mr. FootInMouth - 23/11/2020 07:56

Today, I learned that my brother has been secretly married to his girlfriend for over a year. That means that during Christmas break, when I told him that she was a "toxic bitch" and that he should leave her before she drags him down with her, they had already been married for 6 months. FML
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Married or not, was that a true statement?

So, has she dragged him down? Maybe a secret marriage isn't exactly toxic, but it's not completely healthy, either.


YangYangChenChen 6

Sorry for you,bruh.

So, has she dragged him down? Maybe a secret marriage isn't exactly toxic, but it's not completely healthy, either.

Married or not, was that a true statement?

coius 23

Shouldn’t change the response or belief in that phrase though. Double down this christmas and tell him to go for a divorce.

She may not be toxic, but being secretly married for an entire year ain’t exactly a sign of a strong healthy marriage lol

If it's true, it's true. Most people won't listen to you anyway, but at least later they'll know you were right and tried to warn them. There's a small but important peace in knowing you did what you could.

Lydmyers 9

If I had family disrespecting my partner or inlaws disrespecting me like that, I'd want to keep my marriage a secret too. When my husband and I got engaged and planned our wedding, we kept the preporations a secret from his family because of the way they treated me... it wasn't nice at all (he needed to leave me because he was too infatuated and it wouldn't last anyway with us being teenagers when we got together being their key argument) and we didn't have to put up with that shitty toxic behavior, so we simply didn't and cut them off for a period of time. They had no idea we were getting married until they got wedding invitations in the mail. Were they annoyed? probably. Don't know, don't care but they all showed up to the wedding and after 11 years of marriage, ours is the second longest in the family. Bottom line to this story is... did you ever consider the fact that you were being really disrespectful and toxic in the way you treat your sister in-law? This is the woman your brother LOVES. If someone, anyone spoke about my love like that, I would be pretty damn insulted. And considering the fact that you are only finding out about their union now... it seems to me that he doesn't agree with your viewpoint. So much so that you weren't even to know about their wedding, let alone attend it. Perhaps these are things YOU need to think about.

Lydmyers 9

By the way OP, I'm not attacking you. I'm just trying to get you to understand this situation from a different perspective.