By GirlFromAus - 25/09/2009 08:13 - Australia

Today, I had to listen to my mum and grandma planning a funeral for my grandpa. Who isn't dead yet. FML
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guys, I am the OP, so listen up... my grandpa wasnt actually aware it was happening he had no say whatsoever he wasnt planning his own, they planned it FOR him, while he wasnt there

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was your grand father involved in the discussion? I would want to have my wishes known before I go.

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That sucks.... But better now than never...


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That sucks.... But better now than never...

#10: That's horrible...but I can't stop laughing :D

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Hahaha #10 that's funny. Why not make the decisions before he dies so you don't have to decide on the spot? This happens a lot actually, it's not a big deal lol.

It really is better now than never. My grandfather just passed and did not have any of these things planned out in his will. No one knew what he wanted, he didn't have a plot picked out, and it caused alot of heart ache for family members who were having trouble trying to follow his wishes without actually knowing what he wanted. Having everything prepared saves so much trouble when the family member passes so that things can run smoothly while everyone is grieving, instead of trying to run and prepare things. So take heart OP, he isn't planning on dying tomorrow, he is just taking those steps that everyone should take when they start aging.

#31, if the OP were a young child, that type of conversation would not be enjoyable to hear.

#52, why would a 'young child' be on FML? |:

In other situations, it could be a small child overhearing the conversation.

#57 there are quite a few FML members under 10, shockingly. If you take a look at people's profiles, it's quite surprising. (That and the occasional FML visibly posted by kids.)

Yeah, my grandpa passed away not too long ago and we went through the same thing. It would have been much easier to plan the funeral and make all of the arrangements at a time when we weren't grieving.

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wow.. If he dies suddenly...

was your grand father involved in the discussion? I would want to have my wishes known before I go.

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wtf is your problem?? no one cares if you are first, plus you are not first... Go away

that is really sad. However, it is better to prepare for it now, then when the time comes they can grieve properly instead of hiding being funeral plans. x

I hate these FMLs that basically say "Someone I know is going to die. **** MY life." How much more conceited can you get? Why not spend a moment thinking how much it sucks for the person that's going to die?

Because they care! If someone you love is going to die, you get upset. So therefore your life sucks because you have to go through that. I do agree with you on it sucking for the person dying, but only that statement.

Maybe the mum and grandma found out about the will early, and wanted him six feet under a little before his time. It happens

Wow, #17 you must have some low humor standards. I bet you think Carlos Mencia and Dane Cook are hilarious too.

Pre-arranged funeral services are pretty common these days. Arranging it all in advance helps to alleviate some of the financial pressures at the time of the actual event. Your mum and grandma are smart. If you had heard them plotting your grandfather's murder...then perhaps an FML would be warranted.

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hahahaha. that's so great. made me laugh. But I agree. I helped my grandmother plan her funeral. OP: Your grandpa was probably in on it anyways,

This isn't a FML. You usually plan the funerals WITH the person who's dying so that they can have what they want. This site is getting less into the "F my life" and more into the "I don't know anything"

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You're an idiot. Most people plan funerals with the elderly so they can have it their way. Jesus Christ, please grow up.

agreed ... atleast they get to go there way... when i die... its high way to hell ... and being either fed to an animal of burnt =]... or being dumped in ocean... just make sure im dead! =] ive pretty much alreayd planned my funeral!!! and im 18!!! u can never plan to early :D

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