By Melinie - 24/6/2012 03:23 - United States
Today, I found an empty parking space in a crowded parking lot. When I came back later, a lady and a cop were standing by my car. Her car used to be parked there and got stolen. They think I'm involved. FML
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  blcksocks  |  19

OP should be fine. Logic states that someone would be really stupid to steal (or help steal) a car and then park their own car in the same spot. It doesn't matter what they think. Not Guilty until proven.

  Ghostlyness  |  7

I think this might be a case of over- reacting on OP's part. The officer may well have asked questions such as, 'When did you arrive here? Did you notice anything suspicious? Was anyone else travelling with you?'. Which are all to be expected but may have led OP to jump to the conclusion that she's under suspicion when she's really not at all.

  JFurr  |  9

30, I agree. It's awful all the comments taking shots at the justice system and police. It could be worse. OP could have just gotten executed if they thought he or she was involved. Be happy you can be on the internet and make comments about our legal system, which is directly related to the government, without worrying that the government might see it and come pick you up. If you're going to complain about our legal system, either join it to try making it better or leave the country.

  Meettitan  |  14

54- very true. In China any negative information about the Chinese Comunist Party that goes up on the internet must be taken down by the ISP. Be glad you live somewhere where there's not a "great firewall" or government censorship.

  davidbdb485  |  0

#1 I honestly don't think the OP has anything to worry about. It's standard procedure to assume anyone linked to the crime could be guilty. I'm sure the police realize there isn't much chance though, and are just covering their bases.

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

I can't tell which country the original poster is from but, if she's from the U.S., lots of people like to assume/blame random people until they get answers. I feel badly for the cop who probably felt like it was a waste of time. (I'm assuming the missing car's owner already contacted the police when she first found out her car was stolen.)

  onlychildFTW  |  33

Yeah I agree with you. Just because you are parked where their car was doesn't mean you had anything to do with it. Who would steal someone's car just for a parking space. Seems like an awful amount of work for little reward. And while steeling this car where would you put your car? Just leave it hanging around. And then after stealing it you would have to drive out of your way to hide it and then somehow get back to where you parked, while having no car.

This is one of those "not worth the reward" things.

  Quinn32  |  16

Well clearly it was a good parking space and so OP called up some friends, waited 45 min for them to get there and steal the car, and then parked his/her own car there and walked the short distance into the building therefore saving walking time...I mean duh

  egc573  |  40

"You'd think" being the operative expression here. But a lot of times it seems to be the other way around with the way that some cops treat people.

In fact, when my father was arrested and jailed, his friend/attorney came to pick him up. One of the people who worked at the station said to her, word for word, "Well, in [this] county, people are guilty until proven innocent!"

By  perdix  |  29

That is one way to make your trip to the mall more enjoyable -- take a car thief with you, have him steal a car to get you a choice parking spot, let him drive the stolen car to a nearby chop shop, then you meet him later and blow the loot at GameStop, Cinnabon, Orange Julius and Lane Bryant.

Sounds like a plan!

  perdix  |  29

It helps that I happen to know a lot of car thieves and I feel that I look my best in plus-sized women's clothing. I'm not a tranny, but when you're dealing with moobs, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do ;)

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

I'm with 82. I want to see Perdix wearing a bra to hold down his moobs. Why not make what Kramer did on Seinfeld and where a bro, for full time support and comfort?