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Today, I fell asleep while lifeguarding, thinking I could get away with it due to my sunglasses. When I woke up, I saw my boss waving at me. Apparently she'd been trying to get my attention for five minutes. FML
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Agreed! YDI and I hope you got fired for that! A lot of parents will leave their children to swim, knowing that if something goes wrong, a lifeguard should be watching. If you want to sleep on the job, get an office job, where you're not putting people in danger by not paying attention! How would you feel if instead of your boss waving at you, some poor child drowned to death? I hope karma gets you BAD!

My thoughts exactly. You're supposed to be GUARDING people's LIVES. Not sleeping. I hope you get arrested.

Kids aren't the only ones in danger. Adults drown too. Plus, there are other problems that could happen at a pool. Heart attacks, spinal injuries, sprains, strains, broken bones, strokes, seizures. I could go on and on. Yes, parents should watch their children, but lifeguards are still needed for not only that but the hundreds of other things that could go wrong.

Totally agree with the other posters. I hope the first thing your boss did when he finally got your attention was fire your ass on the spot and send you packing, then call every other pool in town and tell them not to hire you. You were in a position of trust and you completely abused that trust in a way which could very well have gotten somebody killed.

i totally agree, i'm a life guard too and i know that if you're getting sleepy you get off of the freaking stand as to be alert and not endanger anyone. it is true that lifeguards are not equivalent to babysitters, but they should be able to be there as a back up. YDI

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wow. um asshole ? you aren't being paid to ******* sleep. i hope you got fired & got your qualification ripped up and thrown away . you put multiple lives in DANGER ; just for a nap. you sicken mee. like seriously ? if you're not going to takee your job seriously go apply for a job at mcdonalds. & did you really expect someone to give you sympathy for putting lives in danger ? give me a ******* BREAK. YDI x10 .

#85, your an idiot, this stupid ass shoulda stayed awake, hes a ******* lifeguard, people coulda needed serious help while he was asleep.

Eh. How is this an FML? There should be a site YDI, for stories like this.

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You you relize that because of your "slick" move people could of died? You are so damn lucky your boss wasn't trying to get you to save some little kid, and yet, you still are whining about your own life.

He ****** up and it seems like he learned his lesson, calm down people. People throw around "you should be fired for that" like it is nothing. Maybe he is providing for a family, maybe there are limited job openings in the area. He shouldn't be fired for sleeping on the job for 5 minutes once. Twice, ya he is putting people's lives in danger, but everyone ***** up at least once. I highly doubt most of you have even had a decent job or had to provide for someone else, it seems like getting fired isn't a big deal to you people. He should be more responsible, don't let it happen again. Now go to your room...

Wow you are the worst kind of person If someone had drowned you would have to deal with the consequences and guilt for the rest of your life I hope you drown at a pool.

aye they don't know how much it sucks, fyl for being a lifeguard, especially at an indoor pool

you ********, what if someone was drowning

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@ 135: Besides everything everyone else has posted (lives in OP's hands, "thought I could get away with it" crap, what if it was you/your kid, etc.), lifeguards are rotated frequently, have long breaks in between posts, and if you get tired then you say so and your boss has to take you down. Fact of the matter is OP is just irresponsible and doesn't belong up there.

To 41 lifeguard are not babysitters and it pisses me off every time parents leave their small children in the pools because they think the lifeguards are solely responsible. OP definately deserved it but I do not agree with parents leaving their child unsupervised in pools.

That might make a little more sense if you knew how to type.

At the aquatics center I work at, it’s automatic termination especially since he was legitimately sleeping. It is a city pool (small city) but they are strict on sleeping on the job when you are supposed to be GUARDING LIVES! Its his responsibility if someone drowned while he was sleeping. He will be blamed for it. Cameras on the pool deck will show it, so yes, he should get fired. That’s irresponsible and disgraceful! Do not Lifeguard if you cannot handle being tired on stand. It happens. #15yearsasacertifiedlifeguard

Haha thaz funny but yeah ur lucky no one got hurt while u were sleeping hehe

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Kids don't just drown in pools. It's very rare and along with myself, most lifeguards I know have never had to "rescue" anyone from the pool. More drowning accidents happen at lakes and private pools.

So, just because it's unlikely that someone will drown, he can assume it won't happen and sleep on the job? I'd have clicked YDI whatever the job, because he should be WORKING not SLEEPING. Double YDI for sleeping when you're supposed to be watching out for people.

perhaps it might have beenthe beach? lots of people need rescuing at the beach every day where i live!

Kids don't just drown in pools? I was three and I slipped over the edge and almost drowned in a public pool. No, I wasn't running or doing anything I wasn't supposed to. Just slipped. Just because it doesn't happen while you're on the job or your friends, doesn't mean it rarely happens. OP, YDI for putting lives in danger. I would have been dead had a lifeguard not gotten me.

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YDI for thinking you could get away with it while your supposed to be looking for people drowing.


More like **** the kid's lives who probably drowned while you slept. YDI

Wow, someone's qualified. Your job is TO PROTECT people, from DROWNING. Quit if you can't do it.

alyssamarie218 0 might want to look into getting a new job, where people's lives don't depend on you

Your job is to SAVE PEOPLE'S LIVES, asshole.

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Speaking as a lifeguard're a ******* idiot!