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Today, I moved in with my boyfriend. The first thing he did was hand me a paper containing listed rules he expects me to follow. When I asked if it was a joke, he promptly pointed to number 7 on the list, "Cleanliness is not a joke". FML
mukduk tells us more :
Hello all, OP here. Just clearing things up. Seems I'm getting a lot of conflicting opinions. Some say "FYL, he's abusive, run away!" while others say "YDI because you should've known him better". Others seem to be in between. Well this might clear things up. My boyfriend is a total neat freak. No, he does not have OCD, he just hates messy things. He also just bought a bunch of new, shiny, modern, don't-defile-it-with-your-filthy-hands furniture recently, so he's being extra annoying about it. I, myself, am not as clean as him. I classify myself as someone who only cleans when it's needed. He cleans every. Single. Time. Before moving in, he said "when you get here, we'll have to discuss some rules" which I agreed to. I had a few rules in mind such as "put down the toilet seat" or "replace the toilet paper when it runs out" (now that I think about it, it was more bathroom rules than anything). When I got there, I thought we'd sit down and talk about it. Apparently that's not what he meant by "discuss". So no, I was not expecting the paper, but considering his cleaning habits, I probably should have. Here's an example of the rules he had: "1) NEVER eat in bed. Seriously. 2) Female products are to be thrown in a trash receptacle outside. 3) Wash the dishes before placing them in the dish washer." Yes, these do seem kind of ridiculous. Which is why I asked if it was just a joke. There were a lot of other rules as well, I think a total of 50 something? After reading them all, I had to sit him down and make a few compromises. The rules are a lot less strict now and I threw a few in there myself. He's actually a great guy, just loves to clean. I guess that's an upside right? Anyways, thanks to those supporting me. And thanks for reading this little novel I wrote. -mukduk (sorry my username has nothing to do with my FML, but it's a reference from the Office, so I think that'll suffice)
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Yeah but a lot of couples come up with the rules together. Not one person expecting the other to follow their rules. But we also don't know what the rules were so they could be pretty reasonable for all we know.

  ShadowGenius  |  12

I clicked here (display answers) with the hope I could scroll more than 1/16 of an inch without seeing an unoriginal Sheldon Cooper post. I was clearly wrong.. I don't know what's worse. The lack of originality, or the fact people blatantly don't care 40 other people posted the exact same response..


  kangx1  |  28

She moved into HIS house so I'd expect her to follow HIS rules. That's how my girlfriend and I did it. If you aren't paying rent you're not gonna sit on your ass all day and eat the contents of my fridge

  jazalea8  |  16

You may not know. He may be a total slob and may have these rules as a way so he can sit on his rear when he is home. Plus, as a couple, she may be paying other bills that are not rent. What is on the list is also important to consider. My ex used to have a rule about half the fridge taking up beer for his friends and him. It got to the point I could not even put groceries in the fridge, and he expected me to cook dinner without wasting anything. I left him because his rules were too much for the lifestyle he had.

  JackAtPage  |  13

#2 learn to spell please, thank you! And overbearing?

Maybe he doesn't expect anything less than what he deserves.

  devildog562  |  33

9 Don't be one of those people. In the event you have a disorder, or you can't help but correct others grammar and syntax, then at least make sure yours is impeccable. Capitalize the beginning of sentences. Thank you.

  siggy_mcsigx  |  22

Rules are fine.
An equal couple should probably establish rules between one another, you know, sit down and plan it out together.
One can't just write a list and demand the other follows it.

  Algorithm  |  24

Even if they pay 100% of the rent, they should still come up with the list cooperatively; the other should just pick up the slack on other expenses. Paying rent doesn't mean that it's a good idea to treat your significant other like a preteen child instead of an equal.

By  Brandi_Faith  |  33

If it's a list about keeping things clean and picking up after yourself, then I kind of understand. I would hate to live with someone that didn't put their dirty dishes in the dishwasher or left the bathroom a mess. If it's other things that are unreasonable then sit down and have a talk about them. Personally, I think it's awesome that he is a tidy guy, there are many men who never pick up after themselves and would expect you to do it. If all else fails, make your own list!