By slondons - United Kingdom
Today, my friends were acting strange around me. This afternoon, I got a text asking me to meet them out for a couple of drinks. Because of all the strange acting, I decided to tell them I'd go and then not go. I just found out they had been planning me a surprise party. FML
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  kofinater  |  3

No, it's Should HAVE, should've sounds like should of and thats why most people type it that way. Google Chrome's spell check is telling me should've is wrong though . . .

  mintcar  |  9

Are you guys even familiar with what a contraction is? Contractions such as "could’ve,” “should’ve,” “would’ve,” “might’ve,” and “must’ve,” are usually avoided because they encourage people to believe the proper pronunciations are “should of," which is completely wrong.

I typed should'VE because that's what she was trying to
aim for when she spelled out " should of. "

You are all complete idiots with the exception of maybe one or two.

I also don't consider myself a Grammar Nazi, as one would have corrected her whole sentence all together.

55-you really want me to take advice from someone whose username seems to have been made by a three year old?
Shut the fwuck up.

  pwincessa23  |  1

actually, it was the way someone very loved by me used to pronounce it. it wasn't a three year old, it was a two year old. they may no longer be here but they are still very much loved. at least Im not the one getting anal because someone misspelled something or used something incorrectly. it's a website not a grammar competition. I'm sure people have better things to do than worry about whether they used a contraction right or not. fugly nigga. idc what u say or think. I'm not racist, just dislike you very much.

By  DncrHap  |  9

you know what would've been better? telling them you wouldn't go, and then show up. that way you'd be by yourself in a bar, and you could hook up with some random guy/girl to make yourself feel better. happy birthday!