By angryman - 28/12/2014 09:07

Today, I was playing what became an extremely intense game of hide-and-seek with my best friend's sister. I finally found the perfect place, so I slid down into the bath and began to cover myself. She popped up out of nowhere and said, "FOUND YOU!" I got so scared that I punched her in the face. FML
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You should know that you never hide in the bathtub people always look there. including serial killers.

New rules: if you get punched, you lose!


New rules: if you get punched, you lose!

New rules: there are no rules cos ur old rules sucked

As well as you're grammar.

44, that's horribly ironic.

"As well as you are grammar". I didn't know that grammar is an entity.

Look who's talking

They are a dumb ass! Who just punches when they're scared?

says the 12 year old

You should know that you never hide in the bathtub people always look there. including serial killers.

One time, I hid in a chair and nearly won the game. We were playing in the dark and I had a ninja suit on. And I took the stuff off the chair, sat down and put all the stuff on top of me. Needless to say, scared the shit out of the guy searching. I heard him in front of me when he said "It would be kinda freaky if someone was in this chair." (he had passed by me multiple times already) he then lightly kick my shin and screamed "OH SHIT! SOMEONES IN THE CHAIR!" It was pretty satisfying.

my question is what do people plan to do when you find a serial killer behind your shower curtain.

I don't think there is much of a plan.


No #4 its hide and seek.

#12 isn't peek a boo a hide and seek game played with babies??

Clearly you don't understand puns. She peeked into the tub and ended up with a boo boo.

more like peek-a-BOOM!

That was a terrible "pun."

When I was in elementary school, we played "spank the butt" tag but this brings it to a whole new level!

I used to play that too. Some reason the school janitor always wanted to join in when we played that. I guess he just liked tag.

Omg I love your comments #17!! I mean whenever you post. I DON'T stalk you o_O

I can see why he wanted to join in. Being a janitor can be boring.

I always love reading @17's comments too :)

Omg that's too funny

Kids CAN be pretty scary. Why do you think there's so many horror movies with them in it?

Don't worry OP, it's just natural reflexes. It's funny how my ultimate hiding spot is also in the tub. That same punch might be my reaction if someone actually ever finds me.

It seems that, You both must have felt hurt in the end.