By mala_19 - 19/9/2020 14:02 - Sweden

The joy of newborn babies

Today, after I, my fiance, and the doctors tried all day to get my son to eat for more than just three minutes straight, he decided to eat for thirty minutes straight in the middle of the night when I just wanted to sleep. FML
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This is a reference to the trick you can use to figure out which pronoun to use in a sentence. OP incorrectly used "me" when she should have used "I," which becomes apparent when you remove the other pronouns, like this commenter did. Grammar corrections usually get downvoted no matter what though.

By  mala_19  |  18

Yes me. English is not my first language and honestly that's what sleep deprivation does to you. My son was hospitalized due to fatigue and weight loss therefore the doctor did put him on a food schedule.. . With a bottle for dessert... He is getting better now.