I hate it here

By ElaborateScheme - 14/08/2016 20:52 - United States - Palm Beach Gardens

Today, I was feeling a little bored so I decided to go outside for once. Living in Florida is nice and all, except for the fact that right now I'm putting ice over two snake bites. FML
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You did bite it back, right?

You should have gotten a nose ring as well. Although a belly piercing wouldnt be bad.


That sounds horrible op, I hope they weren't venomous! Feel better soon

I doubt OP would be alive or even well enough to type out an FML and submit it, if it was a poisonous snake, especially since OP was bit twice. Unless OP is somehow immune to the snake venom and will start to develop snake powers

my little sister got bit by a venomous snake when she was little and with medical treatment was just fine. she was running around playing the same day.

#14 first, get your story straight, snakes are not poisonous. second, if you get bit by a pygmy rattlesnake (venomous, not poisonous) all you need to do is take a few benadryl and you're good to go.

I humbly apologise for my mistake. However, OP was bitten twice, I doubt a pill would help much if it was a VENOMOUS snake.

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@28 It really all depends on what type of snake OP was bitten by as to whether or not a pill would help. Snakes have different types of venom, like if it was a copperhead they were bitten by there's a good chance benadryl would help because copperhead venom only hurts a human if the human has an allergic reaction to it like they would if they were attacked by bees, but if it was like a rattlesnakes venom if they didn't seek medical attention fast they would probably die because rattlesnakes venom causes the area that was bitten and around it to start decaying like a brown recluse spiders venom does. Considering OP was writing an FML instead of rushing to a hospital means the snake probably wasn't all that deadly.

#30 pygmy rattlesnakes are no reason to go to the hospital, seriously, just benadryl. eastern diamondbacks and timber rattlesnakes are a different story, those are the ones you need to worry about.

Mossyoak_kw 28

Eastern diamondbacks and Timber rattlesnakes were really the ones I was talking about, but yeah you're right about the Pygmy rattlesnakes.

You did bite it back, right?

OP said the ice on the bite was the bad part! OP clearly is into snake bites

At least you didn't get Zika from them! In Florida, you'd rather get bitten by a snake than a mosquito.

Not sure about that, but it's definitely better than getting bitten by an alligator. Which is also a thing in Florida.

You really could've just stayed home and iced some snakebites if that's what you're into. No, wait, those are called "beestings". Never mind.

Oh. Hey. I came over from the most recent FML. You told me not to search for it, but I did. Oh... Oh my... I should have listened.

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I warned you! I… I didn't want you to see me like this!

Believe me... This hurts me more than it hurts you. Although this hurts me in a cringey, "oh god" way. You probably feel a "well shit" sort of feeling where all your confidence just went downhill so fast after getting buried like this. RIP

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Well were you wearing shoes? Shoes in Florida are important.

So basically what you're saying is that shoes aren't important elsewhere?

lexiieeex3 32

Not at all. I'm saying it is important to wear shoes but especially in climates such as Florida with hot weather and nasty vermin.

You should have gotten a nose ring as well. Although a belly piercing wouldnt be bad.

I hate it when I go outside and accidentally get a piercing!

Well that bites.

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This is clearly fake. Anyone who lives in Florida would NEVER say they enjoy living here.

Ah yes going outside and getting bit by a snake, reminds me of good ol Australia. Soldier on op, you now have a badass story to tell

What kind of snake

probably a Burmese python