By Cass - Australia
Today, I got the feeling that my phone smelt of cigarettes and B.O. I smelt it, realised that it was my hands that smelt, then got confused and thought maybe it was my nose piercing that smelt. I then realised my psychology class was watching me trying to smell my own nose. FML
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  StoryOfTheYear  |  13

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it supposed to read "class was" due to the fact that the class is a single entity. For example, you don't say "The United States were involved" simply because there is more than one thing there. The United States is a single country the same as a class is a single group.
I apologize for blatantly threadjacking, but this is a very big peeve of mine.

  alliewillie  |  22

1. The number of times you used the word "smelt" made me want to scream.
2. How did you "get a feeling" that your phone smelled like BO? Did you just suddenly have a hunch?
3. Thats disgusting. Take a bath.

  sotagurl84  |  3

Different countries have different ways of spelling things. Just like learnt and spoilt. Might look wrong to you, but it's not wrong to them. They also spell labor as labour and I can't think of anymore at the moment.

  Jamialia  |  5

A lot of people now days think its optional, not necessary.

Once at work, the amount of people who left the bathroom without washing their hands.. Makes me sick.