Guitar Porn

By massachusettsan - 25/06/2014 00:07 - United States - Monomoy Island

Today, I got the same feeling in my chest when I orgasmed as when I hit a hard section in Guitar Hero. FML
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BradTheBrony 19

I fail to see the problem.

mmaalouf97 12

hard much..?


Agax 12

That shit must be intense

TheKingKen 22

At least if someone walks in on you, all s/he would see is just you playing Guitar Hero.

exciting. i know.

related: (+ read the title-text)

Fr0gs 15

Guitar hero? You still play that shit?

Why not? It's always nice coming back to games that you once played and loved. Better than just letting it collect dust.

91hayek 31

They've been moderating this FML since 2005; it just got published lol.

pikawarriors 18

Where does it say that/how do you know? I'm just a bit confused here...

Man you have a serious passion for the guitar!

A "hard" section, eh?

Same thing happened to me. But I was playing Rocksmith.

Lol. Just lol. This shit is hilarious

aubama_fml 15

gotta find a girl with a hard section to get the same feeling now