By Nick - 13/05/2009 22:20 - United States

Today, I finally beat the song "Through the Fire and Flames" on Guitar Hero 3. I then realized that it was the biggest accomplishment I've ever made in my entire life. FML
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Woah... that song is hardcore - you are now my idol.

please go out and get a life :D haha jkjk its a hard song


please go out and get a life :D haha jkjk its a hard song

you're a ******* real guitar and get laid.

JoeyxCloud 0

ok buddy like playing real guitar will garauntee to get you laid.. idiot.

iBurnTrees 6

yea, that song is hard tho? was it on expert? lolololololol

Well ya it is a hard song but he did not say what difficulty it was on I mean on Expert that is kinda hard and that should be a good accomplishment but definitely not the best. If he beat it on easy then that makes him an even bigger fail and just he should not try anymore.

stevenJB 25

That song is pretty simple to play actually. It's just the speed that seems intimidating. It's not.

yeah. too bad nobody wants a bass player. they are only important if your the bassist to rush. otherwise your never getting laid.

PugDelatorre 11

Yea because you totally **** bitches every day.

... Bass players are valued more than guitar players because there are wayyy more guitar players.

Yeah, I play, and acting like that is only gonna get you a good beating, if you wanna play to get chicks, I don't recommend playing at all

SoccerStar5493 0

I beat it on expert too! :D I was so happy when I did it

Woah... that song is hardcore - you are now my idol.

bubbles09y0 0

Nice!!!! ahaha at least it something :D

Hunter329 0

Dude I still can't beat that one! I'm still stuck on Jordan in GH2!

Oriina 0

Well, now we know you spend your days, eh?

Is that meant to be a humorous comment?

Jordan is harder than TTFAF to pass, actually. Anyways, it's not too big of an achievement, once you get past the intro it's all cake.

actually the intro is one of the easiest parts

Shadydeals 0

Wow, failure, those games suck unless your drunk.

yeah, i agree with #9... thats a really hard song ! im sure youll become successful! someday oh, and you can put "Completed Through Fire and Flames - Expert" on your resume! :D

soo... it's good to know that u agree with yourself lol