By Inkabadger - Canada
  Today, since we hadn't been romantic for a long time, I shaved, took a bath, cut my hair and snuggled up to my husband in bed. He got up, went to the computer, masturbated to porn, came back to bed and asked me what was for breakfast. FML
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By  perdix  |  29

Face it, it's over. You don't have a husband, you have a roommate.

You need to go find some hot cock elsewhere, because your husband has forfeited his claim to your vajayjay. Your moment of truth will come when you walk in on him jerking of to porn and point at the horse cock on the screen and say, "My boyfriend's dick is even bigger."

  Bananaaa_fml  |  0

EXACTLY !! ydi for not turning him on enough! he must be so used to having a pull off porn that he's completly forgotten that you might have sex with him in a million years!!

  Paksenarrion  |  24

Hell no it isn't her fault. Men and women can get addicted to porn so badly that they literally can't get off with a real person no matter what they do. This is why porn is so frowned upon by so many people. It damages lives and relationships.

  Drakon_fml  |  7

Reminds me of an old adage:

"How can you tell between a woman who's erotic and a woman who's kinky?"
"An erotic woman will use a feather. The kinky one uses the whole chicken."

  MilkyFilmz  |  26

Ok obviously you're an idiot.

  MilkyFilmz  |  26

I meant number 85

  cherrin  |  0

Honestly I would say it's both a ydi and fyl! Next time get up with him and show him that you can do it better than any porn he can watch, or do what I do, watch what the girls on the movie are doing, and do that! He'll love it! Then since you did something different make him fix breakfast!!