By Anonymous - 06/07/2009 20:27 - United States

Today, my girlfriend came over to talk. She just got back from a small vacation, and she'd asked me to feed her dogs while she was gone, so I did. I even stayed with them at times so they wouldn't get lonely. My girlfriend had come over to break up with me. She didn't do so earlier because she needed her dogs fed. FML
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what a bitch! move on you're better without her

well, it was nice of you to have fed the dogs. it's not their fault their owner is a bitch!


How does it feel to be a tool?

I wouldn't know, you tell me.

SusanaSaysRawrxD 0

You're an asshole. You must just be bitter because you can't get laid, eh? OP -- Hate to overuse the 'bitch' pun... but... what a royal bitch. Should've accidentally given her dogs some chocolate, or something of the sort, so the dogs would have some lovely diarrhea for her to deal with. :D

you do realize that chocolate KILLS dogs, right?

rallets 22

even better

Not in extremely small amounts.

nicoleg_fml 0

no it doesn't, not if it's a small amount. have you ever seen a dog die from eating chocolate? i don't think so.

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hahaha, FML users are such morons. Guys, susana was replying to NUMBER ONE, not the OP! Morons!

#86 - Kyothine - Quote: "hahaha, FML users are such morons." What does that make you?

did you reply to yourself?

what a bitch! move on you're better without her

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"Bitch" is surprisingly appropriate in this instance.

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That sucks and you deserve better. FYL.

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That sucks man I'm sorry. Fuck number 1

Hey, fuck you, asshole.

Fuck you too, troll elsewhere.

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Trolling, much? OP: that really sucks :( your life is indeed fucked

ShadowlessSpear 21

Fuck you all

I'm sure the dogs love you :)

whoa, i feel bad for you . your girlfriend is a total bitch ... she was totally using you ! unless she met someone on her "small vacation"

It would make it worse if she met someone on her small vacation. Honestly I don't see it as that much of a big deal this FML. I don't know why but it doesn't seem like a bad thing to do.

I agree, honestly I would do the same thing if I decided to break ip with my boyfriend while on vacation because my dogs don't deserve to starve just because I dump my boyfriend. And maybe she wanted to break up with you in person. Still, Fyl, but I see where she's coming from

more than sure thats what happened. same exact thing happened to a friend of mine

allan77 0

#1 is a toolbag. And your ex is a bitch of epic proportions! FYL

Bitch? I think that's a little light. I think you'll find what she is, is a "cunt". FYL mate, hopefully someone whos that much of a shitfuck will be easy to get over at least :)

What a bitch. Like someone already said, at least the dogs love you!

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bros before hos duude

That has nothing to do with this fml...he didn't leave his guy friends for her so he never put the hoe before his obviously don't get the meaning if that saying