By TheFreyzy - Switzerland
  Today, I had sex with my girlfriend for the first time. Even after several hours I wasn't able to climax. My girlfriend now thinks that I don't like her body, and the reason I couldn't orgasm is because I don't like having sex with her. We spend the rest of the night in silence. FML
AfroFluff tells us more :
Hello everybody, here is your Afro OP. First I want to say thank you for all the ones who gave me helpful advise, also this happened a while ago. I wanted to see what you guys write because I felt like I am doing something wrong. Thank you guys who wasn't trying to criticise my girlfriend. She did not throw a tantrum, nor was she mad. Some of you are right, she is insecure and that makes her silent. Well let me tell you guys what happened afterwards so I can calm you all down :) We had sex again and again and let me tell you I am less nervous but I am still not able to cum xD. She understands though it has nothing to do with me disliking her body, we had a calm discussion. Thank you again for everybody who was supportive, to be honest I was shy to post my first FML and I did not expect so many people to comment! I am excited for the next post I will make. Who knows what it will be. Afro is with you all!
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  Enslaved  |  36

I'm wondering how many times she "came" around already? Especially after having sex for several hours. If she didn't climate herself, would she admit it was because she doesn't enjoy having sex with the OP also? Goes both ways.

  theaaxis  |  27

Not really. Hate to bring up the "society" cliche, but most girls grow up believing that if they can't get their partner to climax, it's all their fault. I had a great sex education, and even when I know it's just because he's tired it's hard not to feel guilty and insecure.

  slackerjoe  |  22

Not orgasming could be a good thing. I know that in my own case, the hornier/more turned on I am, the longer it takes to climax. If I just want to bust one, its wham, bam, ty ma'am.

  Bandaro  |  10

I remember my first time as being quite the same. I felt ashamed at the time, but later found out it was actually just the nerves. Haven't had any trouble since then, luckily. Don't worry OP. Every time you go at it again it's easier.
Personally I think most men should hold out until the woman is completely satisfied and only then orgasm themselves.
What also could help, is a little break. It could be that he became a bit insensitive after a while. Just wait about ten to fifteen minutes and it could be that you will come soon enough. Good luck!

  tygerarmy  |  35

Discuss it, shit happens! When I lost my virginity I had sex for over 3 hours and couldn't orgasm because I was nervous. Just show her you are willing to try again

  tygerarmy  |  35

And I agree now. I like when we can finish quickly, whether or not we choose to is then up to us.
My last partner took forever, and half the time she couldn't finish, due to past issues. I'd spend more than 40 minutes going down on her, just for her to give up. Hard on her and my ego.

By  JOFreeman  |  13

That's not unnormal. Most likely you were nervous and that can prevent it from happen.

Try to relax and enjoy it next time. Don't set the goal. Or have her take care of you in other ways.

  Flyndaran  |  10

Not by a long shot. Inability to orgasm is MUCH worse than simply finishing too fast. The first makes sex frustrating as hell. The second still allows some sex.

By  flopstar  |  21

Don't be hard on yourself & explain to her it's not her fault. Better luck next time! If it ever happens again plan on going to do something fun after so it gets off of both your minds.