By ash - 04/01/2011 21:09 - United States

Today, was my boyfriends last night visiting my family. My dog decided to go through the trash, then ran up to my dad with one of our used condoms caught on her teeth. My parents didn't even know we were sleeping in the same room. They know a lot more now. FML
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Good dog.

THAT'S why you throw it away in the outside trash can with the big lockable lid that is secured in that little area next to your garage... at least that's where I'd put it... not that I was there or anything...


what a bitch

Nice doggy. Now I totally understand how dogs are "man's best friend :)"

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haha took me a while to get that one!

Just say the dog was your bitch. Problem solved

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it's a joysie thing.

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do dogs like the taste?

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my dog likes it

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Give her the finger. Let her take a picture of that.

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Crap. Wrong FML. sorry...

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yeah I was about to say haha...

Good dog.

that's what happens when bodies start slappin

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Tone-Loc "Wild Thing" "I'd like to lock in those lyrics" ....What did I win?

that's beyond creepy #4...& wow, I guess your dog can put his own condom on as well, right?

i don't get it, is this a bad thing ? i assumed you were older :P but i guess if your a teenn thats kinda bad

even if OP and her bf are young adults, parents still dont like to know about their kids having sex.. especially in their house ;)

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You dirty dog!

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Yes, that dirty, disgusting, double-crossing, disloyal, disobedient, despicable, disappointing, damn dog.

WTF god you better be kidding.

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well at least the dog isn't the only bitch with a craving for jizz! YDI

HAHAHAA. Opps my caps lock was on, but whatever. Hope you had a great time, your parents aren't gonna be to happy. :D